Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bye Bye Backville

On Sunday, I waved bye bye to Backville and quickly said hello to East Frontdale.
You'll have to believe me about Backville, because I don't have photographic evidence, but I can tell you there was a huge sigh of relief when I "tried it on" husby - the size was perfect!

But can't stay and chat, I have to go and turn this hem and continue on my journey through the land of Retrofit!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Join me on my travels

When we last met, I was still in Sleeveland, after hitting a minor speedbump just as I thought I was about to leave.

But I'm pleased to report I've now departed Sleeveland.
And have taken up residence in Backville.
With the vast expanse of stocking stitch desert, I'm not expecting to leave Backville any time soon. Although I am quite pleasantly surprised to be able to report that I've trekked over halfway (to the arm shaping anyway) of the Backville desert already, so maybe I'll find that Backville is a more enjoyable experience than I'd anticipated.
I do know that I'm not looking forward to Seaming Heights though.... But, let's face it, I mustn't get ahead of myself, I've still got East Frontdale and West Frontdale to visit yet!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

I've been to Sleeveland too...

A week or two ago Bells posted about the experience of being in Sleeveland. And I can empathise, I've been to Sleeveland too.
The sleeves of husby's Retrofit. And yes, one sleeve is longer than the other...
The first sleeve was just a bit too long - so I finished the second one, and measured it on husby this morning, and it was much better - it's amazing how much difference a mere 6 rows can make to the length.

So now the first sleeve looks like this:
Yep, I'm still in Sleeveland. Hopefully not for too much longer...

As an aside, these sleeves are a nice measure of my available knitting time now - the first sleeve was knit the week before Connor was born - it took me 6 days all up. The second sleeve I started two weeks after Connor arrived - and it took me 13 days. But I also have to add that my mum has been here since Connor arrived too (and has been a huge help) - she's going home on Saturday - let's see how much knitting I get done from next week! That will be the real test!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Keeping Track - May 2010

I wasn't expecting to buy much yarn this month. Or to knit much either, to be honest. But I wasn't counting on this bag o'yarn coming up on the destash thread in the Australian Knitters group on Rav:
It's a yarn I loved knitting with the first time, and a colour I also love (which is impossible to photograph) - it's a reddish purple called Victoria - so I couldn't resist...

On the upside, I was pleased with the amount of knitting I achieved this month - even though I had a week and a half without any knitting at all, I've managed to fit in a few rows at least every other day - glad I picked a nice easy pattern for husby's zipper cardi, and a worsted weight yarn too - so much quicker, and progress is far more obvious, not to mention it's easy to pick up and put down without having to reacquaint myself with the pattern.

In: 10 x 50g balls
Out: 5 x 50g balls
YTD: +27 x 50g balls - or a monthly average of just over +5 balls per month.

Wonder how I'll do next month?