Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Moving on up...

So it's my blogthday!

And to celebrate, I am moving my blog to a new home.

Hope you'll drop by and visit - in addition to moving my blog home, I've been doing some renovations in my actual home.  You can read about it here, with suitable before and after shots!

If you are reading via googlereader or some other blog reader, I don't think the link to my blog will update automatically - sorry about that!
One door (my newly painted front door!) closes and another door opens!

Monday, July 02, 2012

Stash Honesty - June 2012

(or, the BUMPER edition.  For reasons which will become obvious shortly...)

I think I said recently, in relation to my stash, that my motto was "in for a penny, in for a pound" (yes, I did, it was a mere 2 months ago!!!).  I really lived up to it this month.
First, there was the sale at Morris & Sons.  And I had a gift voucher so I had to go...So in addition to buying a bag of Noro Shirakaba, I also bought 8 balls of Morris Empire 4ply, which has formed the basis of my Tour de France project.
And then there was the annual Craft and Quilt Fair at Darling Harbour.  I was reasonably restrained, but did get myself a cone of this amazing shiny Dairing cotton/stainless steel, and 3 cones of linen for a tunic/dress. 
And I had to do an order from Blue Moon Fiber Arts to buy some additional yarn for a project, so if you are going to get yarn all the way from America you may as well get a few extra skeins, right?
So in addition to the 4 skeins of STR Heavyweight (in True Blood Red - what a GREAT colour!) I also got 2 skeins of STR Lightweight - another True Blood Red, which I will use for sexypuffs, and one in Manly but I like it, which I think will be socks for husby.
And finally, a friend who visits New York is too good an opportunity to pass up to try out some Brooklyn Tweed Loft - the exact colours used in the Aranami Shawl ...
So what's the final damage:

In:  32 x 50g balls (lucky that gift voucher yarn doesn't count!! but my, those STR Heavyweight skeins are 200g each!!)
Out:  4 x 50g balls - oof, not much - I did use more yarn, but that was to make the sample for my new crochet class, so doesn't count for stash (only for metres used!).
Metres used:  1,305m (YTD: 5,882m)
Stash neutral:  hahhahahahahahahahaha no.  +48.5 x 50g balls
I am seriously considering a destash.  If only I can make myself let go of some yarn...I so admire people who can do that!