Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Moving on up...

So it's my blogthday!

And to celebrate, I am moving my blog to a new home.

Hope you'll drop by and visit - in addition to moving my blog home, I've been doing some renovations in my actual home.  You can read about it here, with suitable before and after shots!

If you are reading via googlereader or some other blog reader, I don't think the link to my blog will update automatically - sorry about that!
One door (my newly painted front door!) closes and another door opens!


DrK said...

oh yes! yay for new to look.

sapphireblue said...


Bells said...

i missed this yesterday - went straight to the new blog.Love the red door. so apt!

Fleur Cotton said...

Just going to have a look at the new blog - happy blog birthday!
Fleur xx