Thursday, November 25, 2010

Even though we don't do Thanksgiving here...

So within five minutes of getting up from our nap this morning, I had changed a poo nappy and had baby vomit all down my top (and when I say "all down my top", I don't mean the front of my top, I mean INSIDE my top ...)

Despite the poo-and-spew start to the morning, I am thankful for the following:

1. Connor managed to miss his clean clothes entirely (of course he did!)

2. I had not yet had a shower

3. My mum is staying this week so after I fed the little horrorhead I could have a nice long shower and even wash my hair

4. Shoes, and yarn. When all else fails, I can always be thankful for shoes and yarn!

Speaking of shoes, since so many asked, this is the source of my recent acquisition (which are Liz Claiborne, by the way). The shoes on the site are probably last seasons (or even the season before - I have no idea!), but since "the season" is no longer an issue for me (and never really was, heh) I don't mind!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

SHOESday: Parity Party!

So for the last month or so, Australians who like to buy stuff on the internet from the US have been having a bit of a parity party, because our dollar has been close to, at or even over the US dollar! I don't know if this has ever happened since our dollar was floated! (It definitely wasn't when husby and I were in the US a few years ago - I think our dollar bought about US0.75 - bummer!)

I thought about buying lots of yarn but I refrained. I am so strong! (heh!!)

But I did buy a pair of shoes - they really were a bargain! And have a return shipping address in Australia in the event they don't fit. Lucky I don't need it!
I normally don't go for shoes with a lot of white on them - except for sneakers.
But I reckon these qualify as sneakers - wedge heeled sneakers! Ha! I love them! So comfortable! Just like sneakers but a teeny bit more dressy - and can be worn with a skirt, weeeeee!

Monday, November 08, 2010

Happy half-birthday to the little dude

Today is Connor's half-birthday. Unbelieveable! Six months has gone by in a flash with so many changes in such a short time:

-he's in his third set of clothes (0000 lasted for 4 weeks, 000 for 2 months, and the 00 have now lasted 4 months and still seem to be ok). Thanks to the friends who gave us hand-me-down clothes, I've only had to buy him about 4 things (plus bibs and singlets). Hand-me-downs are the best!

-he's got 2 teeth - both bottom teeth, which came through 6 weeks ago, with a minimum of fuss - I didn't even know they were coming until he chomped down on my finger one day (and I just need to say - owwww! those things are SHARP!)

-he's grabbing things (like my fingers!) and stuffing them straight into his mouth. Especially his clothes.

-and for the last few weeks, his feet! He was pretty happy when he discovered his feet. And that he could put them in his mouth. Oh to be that flexible...

-In fact, I could probably do away with all his toys and just give him little socks and facecloths to play with.

-he's lost and regrown the hair off the top of his head

-he's started eating food! apple, pear, banana, avocado (he didn't like that much!), blueberries, yoghurt, potato, pumpkin, sweet potato, corn, peas, zucchini and broccoli. I'm having fun cooking things up and pureeing them, even though the sound of the blender thingy makes him cry!
-the vacuum also makes him cry. That's my excuse anyway!

-he's rolled over twice from his front to his back (I think the weight of his HUGE head pulled him over) and once from his back to his front (which of course I missed, as I was in the shower!)

-he giggles and laughs at the strangest things, and babbles away to us quite seriously (often when he is supposed to be sleeping - like tonight!)
I converted the pram from the basinette to the seat a week or so ago, and put him in it to adjust the seat straps - he LOVED it! I couldn't get a non-blurry picture, he was so excited to sit up and look around, he really is quite a social little fella. (Especially when he's meant to be sleeping ... hmmm, I think there's a pattern there)
Happy half-birthday my lovely little dude.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Oh, Dick!

This is really my keeping track post for October, but I couldn't resist the alternate title for this post, because looky what I received for my birthday (it's an early present) from DrK:
Lovely lovely dpn holder and interchangeable needle bag made by the talented seamstress (and knitter!) RandomKnits.

I had a lot of fun stuffing them too:
And well stuffed they are! Of course, many of my interchangeable needles are in use (heh heh) so it would otherwise be even fuller of needles. And you can't see it in the photos, but there is a handy dandy zipper section behind the needle slots, for the cables, keys, needle sizer etc. So very clever and neat and much nicer than the placky cases you get with the needle sets!

All this is a way of making up for there being no photos of new yarn this month. Why? Because there was no new yarn this month! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

So my totals are a little more healthy:

In: No new yarn! (for a change!)
Out: 6 x 50g balls of yarn (half of those were given to my mum for her charity knitting,lest you think I've somehow becoming a knitting speedster this month)
YTD: +29.5 x 50g balls (or almost 3 balls in per month, on average)