Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Day in My Life: Friday 14 November

I'm a day late with the day in my life - yesterday (and today) I was attending a work conference, with a dinner last night as well, so no time to post, until now. And no pictures either, sorry!

I'd like to start by noting 14 November is the birthday of Bells' husby, Sean - Happy Birthday! And also of Prince Charles. You know, I do not know why I can remember that the 14th of November is Prince Charles' birthday - it is one of those things that I seem to have always known!

As is usual on a workday, got up around 6.15am, showered, dressed and went to work. The conference started at 9.30am (it was held in-house) so had some time beforehand for breakfast, coffee and some blogreading, as well as some work.

All members of the team I work in from around the country were attending the conference - about 40 people all up. Even though lunch was provided I had to escape and buy some lunch and eat at my desk just to get away from the crowd - I find having to be sociable ALL the time very draining - as an introvert I needed to have a little quiet time.

We finished at around 5pm and dinner was at 7pm, so the Sydney based people headed to the pub for a drink, and then headed off for dinner, to a good restaurant in the Rocks. Set seating - ugh! more enforced socialising was my first response - but which was actually very good! I really must try to look at things more positively. We had a lot of fun at dinner, and avoided talking about work stuff as much as possible. I left at around 10pm, taxi home and to bed, very tired and stuffed full of information.


MadMad said...

Whoa - that IS a long day of having to be with work people! And on a Friday night! To think I was resentful of my husband's holiday party coming up on a Saturday in a few weeks!

Bells said...

Enforced socialising is hard. Most especially at work functions. I got to the loo A LOT at work things, just to get some space.

Sean says thank you!

Lynne said...

Hey, it's good to know I'm not the only one! My life is talk-talk-talk [just as you would expect from an English teacher] so I don't want to be 'forced' into any more talking situations! And that includes social occasions.

kms said...

glad it wasnt soooo bad. socialising, esp with work people, is not high on my list of To Do either.

Michelle said...

My one hate to do with work is having to socialise with people I work with. I think it comes from being burned really badly when I worked with me (then, but no longer) best friend. So I think you have done really well here! nd it wasn't too bad a way to spend a day, if you got to spend part of it relaxing in a pub!

Olivia said...

I hear you on the enforced socialising. I am exactly the same. Time out please! Better yet, time at home!