Friday, January 01, 2010

Well, hello there 2010!

Didn't you sneak up on me so quietly and quickly! I hardly know where 2009 went. I'm not so great at making any groundbreaking reflections on where I've been or how I've changed but I thought it might be interesting to look back on what I've achieved knitting-wise over the past 12 months, because that at least is something I have an actual physical record of, thanks to my ever-faithful moleskine knitting diary.
And of course, the end of the year means the final stash honesty post for 2009 - which I think I'll get out of the way first!
This month, I was pretty good. Two ins, both sock yarn:
My Yarntini self-striping club yarn for the month - ginger ice stripe!
And a little present to myself, since I am weak and Sundara offered free shipping. More lovely orange yarn!
The outs weren't that huge, but for the first time in some time, I used more yarn than I bought! Hurrah! I knew I could do it! Stash negative for December! (let's just ignore the year end total shall we...)
In: 4 x 50g balls
Out: 5 x 50g balls!!! -1 for December! party time!
YTD: 217.5 x 50g balls added to the stash ... if I was the type to make resolutions, I might resolve to knit from the stash. What a shame I've decided I'm not that sort of person!!
As for the knitting year in review, well, I managed to finish 34 projects (let's also not mention the 43 projects I started during the same period!!). I'm crap at doing those fancy mosaics, so I grabbed all my 2009 FOs out and found I don't have anywhere near 34. Looking back over the year, I was a bit surprised to see I'd made more things for others (not counting husby) than I have for husby and me. I guess I wouldn't have thought that was the case, as I always seem to be starting stuff for myself! (I guess the secret is in the finishing...or lack thereof, when it comes to things for myself!).
So, remaining at my house:
5 pairs of socks (L-R: Bartholomew's Tantalising Socks, Husby's stripey socks, Embossed Leaves Socks, Buried Treasure Socks and Cauchy Socks - 4 of these from my personal sock club)
Accessories (L-R: RoseRed beret, Stash neckwarmer, Endpaper Mitts and Ishbel underneath)
And garments (L-R: Liesl, Pearl Buck Swing Jacket, February Lady Sweater, Loppem and Bruegel). I started the year with 2 handknitted garments, now I have 7! I'm pretty pleased with that effort!
Finally, one of the things I love about the new year is this:
Breaking out the new knitting diary! I never rip the plastic off until the new year starts...and now I have! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Happy New Year everyone! May you have enough storage space for your stash, and enough project bags for your WIPS!


Bells said...

Dr K and I were just talking last week about your red moleskin books and how good you are with keeping them going. I start books for knitting notes and rarely go back to them!

Such a wonderful output from you. An inspiration as always! Will be interested to see the number of FOs this time a year from now once the little guy has taken over your life!

Dr K said...

hehe, and i am even using one this year myself! my sister gave it to me, so im not really copying! i would gladly copy some of your lovely knitting output tho, what beautiful things you make. they all have a kind of classic elegance about them. just like you ;)

Michelle said...

Ha ha! You and I have matching moleskin diaries. I use mine for the day-to-day stuff though.

Lovely wrap up of the knitting year! Everything looks so beautiful compiled in the one post.

Happy new year!

2paw said...

Diary: Snap!!!
You have knitted such lovely actual garments. I reckon I need to make some actual cardis for myself this year- not that it's a resolution, but you have inspired me there!!
Wee done, you saved the best stash result for last- who cares about finishing, you'll get to things eventually, and you enjoy starting soooo much!!
Happy New Year!!!

Ruby Girl said...

What a great idea have a knitting diary, I would probably start one and then not get back to it. You have knitted some really lovely things in 2009. I am the opposite to you in the fact I want to knit all my stash this year....time will tell.

Donna (Random Knits) said...

That's a pretty awesome knitting year - and an even more awesome stash year!!

LynS said...

I'm particularly impressed by the garment output - 5 major projects in one year is quite an achievement.

And such admirable restraint in December stash enhancement should be rewarded - maybe some new yarn?

Sarah said...

Happy New Year - and happy new knitting diary - may it be full to the brim with lovely new projects.

My final yarn reckoning is awaiting my attempts to squeeze the stash in the cupboard and see if I made my ultimate goal!

Anonymous said...

I love how, even though you have this blog, you still use a moleskin diary. I am in awe of your organization!

Your FO list is much more impressive than mine. I hope to do so much better this year. Happy New Year!

amy said...

Happy New Year, dear RoseRed!! What a wonderful 2010 you have in store.

I didn't make a firm resolution not to buy yarn, but except for a swap box I haven't bought any since I saw the bill for the new floor last October!! I am definitely trying to knit what I have, since I bought so much of that yarn with projects in mind. It's high time I made them! And it's kind of fun. Plus, geez, I need some space!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a fantastically creative year. Happy New Year! I look forward to your 2010 posts.

MadMad said...

That's an impressive output! Hope 2010 is equally fruitful, though come to think of it, you may be a little busy.... ;)

kgirl said...

amazing achievement for 2009 - look at you go! That little red book is going to get lots of use this year, once post-preggie brain hits, teehee. somedays you'll struggle to remember last time you brushed your teeth, let alone how many repeats of lace you're up to ;)

but it's all good!!

Anonymous said...

wheeeeee - well done - and really, such wonderful projects that you completed this year as you really enjoy wearing them. That is half the battle isn't it.

I am most of all looking forward the WIP that shall be finished in May....around the 4th! ;)

Donna Lee said...

I'm going to keep better track of wips and fos this year. I have a notebook that I started years ago but did not keep up with. This may be the year......

but don't hold your breath.

Happy happy new year!

Gidgetknits said...

Happy new year! I love looking at people's knitting for the year - the range of colours is always fun! I thought there'd be more red though? :)

jp said...

I too have WIP list (Socks and tops mainly all partly knitted) and a cardigan that I am part way through.

I salute the quality as well as quantity of your output and a yarn negative month is a massive achievement for December (including sales and Christmas)

Anna said...

Wow - that's a pretty impressive knitting output, especially if that's less than half of what you made last year... Your cardigans and sweaters look really lovely.

And can I take the opportunity to say just how much I love your stash confessions? As someone whose stash cannot possibly compete with yours, but whose family cannot believe how much space it takes up, I must admit that it is good to be able to tell them how LITTLE yarn I actually have ;)

michele said...

oh look at your pretty sweaters! so many of them. that's a lot of knitting in a year - finishing sweaters is work! i love the cables on that dark sweater - and also the detail on the green swing jacket - i remember that looks really nice on you.

i love your knitting summary post.

Jodi said...

I love seeing all the wonderful things you've made over the course of a year. Gives me something to aspire to. And I just realized that once I send out my last (VERY late) Christmas present, I'll have given away each and every stitch I've ever done. long as you don't count my scale model gauge swatch (some might call it a sock, but I refuse to do so, as that might require me to knit it an equally deformed mate). My resolution for 2010 is to make something I plan to keep for myself. That's so much more fun than my usual "lose 15 pounds" one. :)

Kate said...

Happy New Year!
congrats on a lovely year of knitted accomplishments, and I wish you lots of joy with your family expansion this year.

Em said...

You are amazing. Entirely amazing. 34 completed projects? 5 of those are sweaters? Pfft, that's more than I can knit in the next 5 years! Rock on!

As for the stash, well, everybody needs an indulgence or a vice of some kind. It's good for the soul.

Linda said...

Your knits look so lovely all laid out like that! heres to many more this year, among other things!!

Leonie said...

Love the round up, lots of excellent garments. All round knitting goodness! Love the diary idea, not sure I could keep to it :-)

kim said...

All of those beautiful knits. I have a moleskin, and I'm afraid to use it. I'd love to see how you use yours and keep track of your knitting. And, of course, 2010 is going to be an exciting year. Happy New Year!

Ann said...

Happy New Year. You have done very well in 2009 with all those gorgeous projects especially 7 garments! I keep track of all my knitting projects in a notebook but I think a diary is a good idea.