Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Happy New Year, and all that

Happy New Year!
(Happy new jar of peanut butter face!)

Let's get the Stash Honesty out of the way first, shall we?

I was a good girl in December and didn't buy any yarn. Sort of. DrK gave me some lovely lovely red Berocco Ultra Alpaca Lite for Christmas (all the way from Americky!) and since she was buying some more of it, I decided I might just buy enough for a garment. It hasn't arrived yet, but I'm counting this as a 2010 purchase, since that's when I paid for it!
And I also received a birthday gift from Ingrid:
Brooklyn Tweed Shelter! Squeeee! Such a light lofty yarn! Am very excited about using this!

In: 6 x 50g (not counting the gift yarns, of course!)
Out: 3 x 50g
YTD - end of year total: +39.5 x 50g balls - or just over 3 balls per month added to the stash. That's not too bad, considering in 2009 I added over 200 balls to the stash. Go me! Heh!

But for 2011, I have decided it's time to make a dent in the stash, rather than add to it. So I've signed up for StashDownUnder on Ravelry, a group of (mostly) Australians dedicated to reducing stash in 2011. Ravelry makes these sorts of endeavours so much easier, when there's a good group support system going on! I've been trying to decide whether to make a list of projects I'd like to make this year from stash, but I think that's too organised (read: restrictive!) but I do plan on doing some more crochet projects - not just because they are quicker, but they also use a bit more yarn!

I've decided I'm going to try to aim to use 5 x 50g balls (or equivalent) each month - one of the participants uses an 8ply (DK) 50g ball as the base unit, and 50g of 4ply (fingering) yarn counts for double (ie 2 balls), 50g of laceweight I guess counts as quadruple (4 balls), while worsted/aran/10ply would count as less - I suppose .075 of a ball. I quite like this method, as it does take longer to knit up finer yarns. And I've also added the KnitMeter to the sidebar to help as well. That will be an interesting experiment!

I've also signed up for Binding Off 2011, an initiative started by blogger Cozy's Place. Because I really need to get my WIPS under control. My WIP-along is making a dent, but an external commitment never hurts! Feel free to join me by signing up! I would like to reduce my WIPS by at least 8-10 projects this year!
(new knitting diary! weeeeeeeeeeeeee! No idea why it's sideways though!)

No other "resolutions" for me. I know some things about myself I'd like to work on over 2011, but growing up is a constant evolutionary process, not confined to a year, so I think resolutions aren't the right way of looking at what I want to achieve in respect of personal growth.
I hope you achieve all you set out to for 2011, and that it is a good, kind year for all!


Anonymous said...

What a mature attitude toward resolutions! I don't make them either, but I don't mind setting goals.

Thanks so much for taking part in my challenge, again. I hope we can all cheer each other on!

I'm so not surprised your knitting diary is red, lol. It's beautiful.

Anonymous said...

heh, i think the evolution of self happens regardless of our best intentions sometimes, well it does if we're open to it! there is something to be said for getting older and wiser, and the older i get the better i am getting at accepting myself for just who i am. i think that counts as growth! and no the berocco certainly does not count, it was indeed ordered before the year ticked over, and shouldnt figure in your calculations at all(which are pretty impressive, by the way). besides, its partly gift yarn, and that doesnt count either!

Bells said...

more gorgeous red yarn! I'll be sorry to see that coming in. although it'll be lovely to see what you dig out of the stash.

I made a list. Then I started something not officially on it. I think that's what lists are for!

LynS said... were good in terms of yarn acquisition last year. Well done. Like Bells, I'll be very interested to see what emerges from your stash as the year progresses - lots of wonderful stuff, I'm sure.

I've made no resolutions or even plans for 2011 - knitting or more generally. I've decided just to let it happen.

amy said...

I feel like 2011 will be an opening sort of year for me. It's a nice feeling to have. I have a few ideas about the year, but no lists, nothing concrete, no plans.

NEXT year, though. I have plans for 2012... :-)

knitabulous said...

I'm not one for resolutions either, but I do like the freshness and optimism that a new year brings.

I am against yarn diets, as you know. My best customers are all on them!

2paw said...

Lovely Peanut Butter Happy Face!!!
Nice red wool
Good luck with your goals.
We are all very UnResolute aren't we?? I think resolutions are made to be broken but goals are set to be achieved!!

Bells said...

god i hadn't thought about the impact of yarn diets on people like Ailsa! Makes me want to go and buy something immediately!

Donna Lee said...

I don't use the word resolution. I have adopted AIM as in "I aim to give people the benefit of the doubt and not leap to conclusions". I agree that evolution of self is ongoing for better or worse. I just want to aim for moving toward the better.

My wips aren't really out of control. Too many things makes me twitchy.

MadMad said...

I loved del's idea to get rid of some wips and plan to join along. (First I'll have to finish the three wips I already started in 2011, so... hm. Already off to a bad start. Oh well.) Psyched you're getting to try the Shelter, too! Let me know how it goes!

mooncalf said...

oooh so many beautiful REDs too!

I love the idea of StashDownUnder - good luck!

Linda said...

Happy new year! My resolution may be that I return to blogland hence the new ID!!
xx (aka: leafgreen/loopfrogs)

Anonymous said...

Happy new year! I don't do resolutions either, but have been a lot more tempted by the stash while moving. It seems I have some nice yarns (who knew!).

We also came across a bag full of little kids DVD's (eg Elmo, Hi-5 etc). Would you like them? Can drop them off this arvo if you are.

Jodi said...

Oooh!! Shelter! I've been dying to try it, but couldn't justify another project right now (don't ask Bells about our indefinitely postponed KAL). I'm having such an awful time finishing anything, I think I should confine my projects to only chunky weight. :)

Please write up a review of the Shelter as it's a mail-order thing, and I hate to buy anything I haven't personally squished.

Gidgetknits said...

I like that - I wish you a kind year too!

Caffeine Girl said...

As always, I love your stash honesty.

Maybe I should join some kind of stash-down group. I certainly need the support!

Sarah said...

Oh that sounds too goody two shoes for me - as soon as I've whipped these two dang Christmas pressies out of WIP land I'm up for casting on more WIPS :) I definitely would if I resolved not to! Happy New Year dearie, happy knitting however it comes!

Donyale said...

Sigh - I look forward to seeing your divine stash divide....and disappear...heh heh,

Kate said...

Happy New Year! that StashDownUnder sounds like a good idea... I don't know whether I can stick to it, but I know I should try...