Tuesday, February 01, 2011

StashDownUnder - January Total

So I signed up for StashDownUnder this year, with the aim of using 5 balls of yarn each month this year. And not buy any. Or at the very least, come out stash negative for the entire year. I'm not sure I can actually go a whole year without buying any yarn at all ... so I'm not going to make a promise I'm pretty sure I can't keep.

But I am pleased to report that I did not buy any yarn this month! So going well so far!

I'm going to run my StashDown totals in 3 ways - just because I kinda like details which are meaningless but interesting. Interesting to me, anyway! First off, I'll do it how I always have, just by number of actual balls used. Then I'll do it by converting to 8ply equivalent (4ply is double, laceweight is quadruple, worsted/aran is 0.75 etc) (but I'll only do that for the yarn knit, not the yarn given away/destashed). And finally, by metres used! (Got to keep my maths brain working somehow...)

January 2010
Actual balls used (including yarn given away): 10 x 50g (5 knit, 5 gifted)
8ply equivalent: 12 x 50g (7 balls knit, 5 gifted)
Metres used: 1399m (709m knit, 690m gifted)

Yay, on track!

In other news, I wanted to acknowledge a lovely gift I received last week. One of my blog buddies, Michele, has knit a fab-o cardigan for Connor. Not only knit it, but she indigo dyed the yarn herself as well.
It's a Norah Gaughan pattern, and it's so very cool. I can't wait until it fits Connor (I kind of wish I was a lot smaller and skinnier so I could wear it in the meantime! heh!)
Thanks so much Michele!


m1k1 said...

What a stunning bit of knitted cardigan. Lucky Connor.
Well done you on the stash front.
I'm knitting up a storm, but buying up a hurricane. Next year. Next year for sure.

Donna Lee said...

I remember watching Michelle die that yarn and being fascinated. It's so beautiful.

I tend to run stash neutral most months. I'm just not a stasher (except for those pesky skeins of sock yarn that seem to be attracted to me.)

MadMad said...

Whoa. That is a seriously cool sweater! Congrats on your stash maintenance!

Anonymous said...

Oooooh, gorgeous sweater for the baby! And a zipper, too -- I'm so envious because I've never tried a zipper.

Your yarn goals sound good so far!

Mereknits said...

Oh my, what a beautiful sweater. You are so lucky to have such wonderful friends.
Have a great day,

Bells said...

that's gorgeous! When he's big enough that'll be just fabulous on him. Love the cables.

It'll be interesting watching you fight that stash urge this year!

DrK said...

what a great gift! so thoughtful, and so beautiful! as for stash honesty, and knitting from stash and all that stuff, well im sure its a good idea, in theory. for some people. just not me. or you for that matter. your brain might explode....

Gidgetknits said...

Wonderful, cable-y goodness! It's amazing having knitters as friends! And good luck with stash honesty! I'm still in De Stash Nile.

LynS said...

Wow - a month without yarn purchases - how long is it since that last happened? Well done. Personally, I'm not counting. I'm still pretending that I buy very little yarn and that I don't really have a yarn stash.

1funkyknitwit said...

Good luck with that stash busting ;D

The cardi looks great and Connor will look very cool in it ^_^