Thursday, March 17, 2011

Important Things

On the weekend, I came by one of these:
A folca box! Prized possession of knitters (and no doubt other crafters who need to carry around a multitude of little bits and pieces).

It's a neat little fold-out plastic container with a storage spot for everything - stitch markers, folding scissors, beaded row counter, darning needles, safety pins, cable needles, locking stitch markers, cable ends and pin and point protectors.
And what makes it even more charming is the note on the outside, which you is a bit difficult to read in the photo above:

If it always has folca
an important thing
will not forget

But of course this isn't important at all - it's a cheap luxury (is that an oxymoron?!) that I'm lucky to have. The news at the moment is all about the horrific earthquake, tsunami and now nuclear disaster in Japan. The horror of it all ... words fail me.

As always, knitters do what the best of them do best - try to help by donating items, time, money and profits. If you are minded, there are lots of ways to help, the Red Cross being an excellent one. With winter coming along, you might need a new hot water bottle cover (like me) or a little hat or other gift - my blog friend Linda is donating all profits from sales in her etsy shop to the Red Cross. Or you might like a new knitting pattern - I found this one on Ravelry yesterday and have in mind to knit it for a friend going through a difficult time right now.

I'm sure there are lots of others doing similar fundraising efforts. Because helping and supporting others, especially those in need, really is one of the important things.


Anonymous said...

i love the folca that knitabulous found me, its been my prize posession for sometime now. and i dont forget important thing either! my mind quite cant comprehend what we are seeing in japan. how will they ever recover? it puts everything in perspective.

Anonymous said...

you know what's interesting about seeing your folca box? It's seeing what's in it! I noticed at once your KP cable needles and I thought yeah! I should put stuff like that it in. I have a teeny pair of scissors in mine that I found could fit. Fascinating!

Several times this week, when I've been having a shit time, I've reminded myself it could be SO much worse. There are people living through utterly horrific circumstances and it puts mine into perspective. It's sad but true.

LynS said...

I'm impressed by your very cute folca box, but even more impressed by your organisation of its compartments. So neat.

We've been through humbling times lately, haven't we? Each disaster piles on others. The Japanese people and society had clearly done so much to protect against earthquakes (almost all buildings beyond the reach of the tsunami survived the huge quake), but the tsunami was inconceivable. It will be interesting to see how this event impacts on the thinking about the use of nuclear-generated power in the future.

2paw said...

It's so awful in Japan that I can't quite comprehend how terrible it is. It's been a bad few months in the world.
Your little knitting contraption is inordinately cute!!!

Yarna said...

I think that sometimes we feel overwhelmed by incomprehensible events and being able to organise just a small part of our world makes us feel a bit more in control.

Hooray for folcas and for kind and generous people who find them and share them.

1funkyknitwit said...

I'm absolutely lost for words about what has been going with the weather. All so much to take in and all the footage they show on TV on a daily basis is rather overwhelming.
I can only think that "some" good may come out of all of this and maybe make the world realize what's important in life and bring people together in times of hardship. All so sad !

..I must add your VERY organized !

Michelle said...

I've been rendered silent by what's happening in Japan. I just can't believe it. Nor Christchurch. All I can do is pray and hope and realise that for me and everyone in my life things could be far worse.

I love Folca! I was given one as a gift for Christmas and I just love it.

knitabulous said...

The events in Japan are unspeakably shocking - almost unbelievable.

You know what we need for those little folca boxes? Miniature tape measures! Let us all be on the lookout for one !

Donna Lee said...

I am drawn to the images of the devastation in Japan and yet can't quite comprehend that they are real and happening NOW and not in some old book. It's heartening to hear that there are so many organizations starting aid drives and channeling resources their way. That's a lot of people who need shelter.

Anonymous said...

Your words are so true. It's hard for me to look at those images; it seems unreal that so many people and animals are suffering like that when a bad day for me is having a headache or something else similarly trivial :-(

That box is very cute, though -- I can see why you love it.

Roxie said...

It's a tackle box for knitters!

Hats are a good way to help people stay warm. I know tht money is more practical, but my hands yearn to do something for the people freezing in Japan, so I'm knitting hats again.

Lynne said...

Very cute and convenient!

Anonymous said...

The situation in Japan fills me with dread, and worry for friends who are living there. The scale of devastation is very hard to comprehend. What a great box - I'll confess that I had not heard of them. Would make a substantial improvement on my ziplock bag!

kgirl said...

what a neat little thing that is!

Gidgetknits said...

I love Roxie's tackle box for knitters comment! It is awful handy.

Linda said...

Thank you so much for mentioning my shop, I struggle with getting it out there.

That little box is so cool!


Anonymous said...

Until now, I didn't know what a folca is. I totally need to investigate.

As for Japan. I'd just finished earthquake support for Chch when it happened. Just... incomprehensible.

MadMad said...

Oh, another post! I'm so lucky! I had never heard of folcas before - too cute! Must track one down. And yes, the news of Japan is mind-blowing. Mind-blowing. I can't begin to think how it will end.

Ann said...

That's a great box. I have not seen one before. I have 4-5 little candy boxes that I keep all my odds & ends.