Friday, April 15, 2011

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!

I promised you a holiday post, so here's a few shots - not many, as we had a quiet few days on the coast.  Mostly, we sat on our front verandah and enjoyed the view!

Including the sunrise - yes, I think I saw the sun rise every day we were there - I say that in a slightly sad way - I'd much rather be still asleep when the sun rises!  Although it is gorgeous to watch the light come in and the colours change, and see the increase in activity on and around the beach.  One brave soul went for a dawn swim every day in the ocean.  To that I say brrrrrrrrrr and no thanks!

We made the obligatory trip to Berry (the source of the yarn which I showed in the last post), and of course the famous donut van - mmmmm hot donuts!
There was car knitting galore - my nutkins, although you can't tell from this photo!

And most excitingly, Connor's first time at the beach!  It looks like a miserable day but it was actually quite warm and almost as soon as we left the beach, the sun came out (but of course!). 

Well, he wasn't so keen on the water - really did NOT want to have his feet, or any part of him, put in the shallows - but he did quite like the sand.  And only tried to eat it twice.  I call that a win!


Anonymous said...

sand makes for good eating i hear. such a lovely part of the world, perfect for the relaxing week away. and are those not the best donuts in the world??!

1funkyknitwit said...

That sunrise shot is beautiful, but like you I too don't like to be wrenched out of bed before the body wants however you would have missed out on that lovely photo...ahahaha for that crazy morning swimmer - brrr!

Connor is a smart boy not wanting to get into that water ;D

MadMad said...

Many things to remark upon, but let's start with the biggee: why is there no LINE in front of that donut place?! OH, my God. I am sooooooooo moving to Australia. Whoa.

Awesome sunrise shot, too.

Bells said...

there's a donut van at Berry? How is it that I've never seen it????

You know me, always an early bird. I'd totally love seeing the sunrise every morning. It looks just beautiful.

Hopefully Connor takes to the water later on - next summer when he's a bit bigger!

Lynne said...

Sounds wonderful - glad you had the chance to rest (as much as the mother of a young son can).

We're off on 26th April for a week at Patonga. Can hardly wait. DD, SIL and GS#1 will join us for one day and night. GS#1 has been to the beach before - his other grandparents live up the north coast and his Oma goes to the beach daily.

amy said...

For several years, my middle kid was up by 5 am daily. Now he's the worst one for getting up and ready for school in the morning!!

I can't wait to start going to the beach regularly. I love that we live so close, I'd go nuts otherwise!!

2paw said...

It just isn't a proper visit to the beach if a small child doesn't eat sand. I know I always did!!
I love the sunlight through the trees, and I would rather not see it either but someone (LG) insists we wake up in time at the moment.

Donna Lee said...

I love a good sunrise but then I want to crawl back under the covers.....

I can never understand why kids like to eat sand. All that grit in your mouth! It's funny that he doesn't like getting his fee wet. Does he like bathtime or was it just that the ocean is big and cold and moves?

Mereknits said...

I am so happy you had such a lovely time on your trip. COnner will soon enough love the water, right now the sand is a safe, fun, place to be.
Have a wonderful day,

Roxie said...

Oh, I would have been out there with the sunrise and a cup of tea every day. What a gorgeous view!

Anonymous said...

Only tried to eat the sand twice? No way! That's why we hardly ever went to the beach when mine were that age -- sand must've looked like candy to them.

Wonderful pics!

Ann said...

We used to have beachside holidays with our girls & those are always the best holidays. They ate the sand too.

Alwen said...


That brings back memories. I remember the first time we took our son down to Lake Michigan, where he promptly sat down in the sand.

I said, "Now he's a real Michigan kid, with sand in his pants!"

michele said...

perfect holiday photos! and the first trip to the beach is a memory to treasure. i like the hats your 2 boys are wearing.