Sunday, June 17, 2012

Forgive me...Stash Honesty May 2012

Forgive me, blog readers, for I have's been a MONTH since my last post!  Oh dear.

But the washing is on the line (yes, it is finally SUNNY after what seems like a month of rain as well, but is really only maybe a week and a half), the boys are at the park, I have a cup of tea and some milo slice, and I am blogging!
It's been a busy month - we've had our roof replaced, the exterior of the house painted, and a new bathroom installed (more on all of that in another post!). For the two week bathroom installation, we stayed at the MiL's, which was good, but no internet - thank goodness husby has 3G on his iPad, so I wasn't completely marooned!

Sadly, not so busy on the crafting front.  Connor has been sleeping less during the day, and since nap times are my main knitting/crochet time, I have been missing out a bit.  And I've even fallen behind for the first time with my sexypuffs - only 20 done in May! (June is going to be even worse...lucky I'm ahead of schedule a bit).
On the upside, I didn't buy any yarn in May (let's not talk about June just yet...) and even though the Craft Fair was on this week, I was reasonably restrained.
In: zero!  zip zilch nada nothing (I need to get it all out now, it might not happen again this year...)
Out: a measly 3.25 x 50g balls.  Gick!
Metres used:  Only 547m (YTD: 4,577.5m)
Stash neutral?  No...+16.5 x 50g balls

I have also been working on a sample for a new class I am going to be teaching at another yarn store (a sneak peek below) which is soaking as I type, to be blocked while the sun continues to shine (who knows how long it will stay sunny!). 
And I'm excited to be planning my Tour de France KAL project.  I've got two options:

This vest, in Noro Shirakaba - I have even swatched!  And OMG, this feels DIVINE.  It's a cotton/silk/nylon/wool blend and knits up just so nicely. 
The colours are nicer in real life (of course!).  Lovely deep blue and charcoal and silvery grey.  The project is worked in garter stitch and reverse stocking stitch, but I think I like the stocking stitch side better.

The other option is a crochet motif something something in this yarn:
(which is charcoal, silver grey, cream and of course sunshine yellow!)

I'm leaning towards the crochet, mostly because I know I can finish the project during the TdF, whereas I probably won't finish the vest.  Not that I really care about finishing, but it would be nice to actually get something done done DONE in that space of time.  What do you think?  And if you want to sign up for the KAL, it is not too late!


DrK said...

Both great colours (I actually like the garter stitch in that noro better but both are lovely). I think if you want to get something, anything, finished, than the crochet. but if you want to work on something for you to wear (its been a while) than the vest. I love TdF time of year!

Ann said...

Wow, that's a busy month. I have also just put the laundry out as today is the only day before the rain comes back tomorrow. But I love the rain! Love that sample crochet that you are working on.nphonom

Gidgetknits said...

Sounds like the teaching is going well! Nice to catch up with what you've been doing and those slices look a bit scrumptious.

Bells said...

No new yarn? Wow. This is a strange thing you describe....I'm stunned.

I'm not signing up for TdF. I'll probably do it but I realise now I never watch it, I never have any interest in the race beyond the food and scenery so I'll probably just do what I normally do and knit like mad for three weeks and produce a cardigan, without feeling guilty about the fact that the race doesn't interest me in even the slightest way!

Anonymous said...

Hooray you're back! I love your stash honesty. I wanted to do this this year, but I don't knit it up quick enough!
Much admiration for keeping up with your beekeeing quilt!
Zoe x

Lynne said...

Teaching at a yarn store? How exciting! I tutored at our Guild meeting yesterday - I think I had nearly everyone bamboozled with Lynne Vogel's version of short row heels! (They thought Judy's Magic Cast On was hard till we got to the heel!)

kgirlknits said...

the colour combo with the yellow, surely? (tdf = yellow jersey, non?)

good for you on zero incoming, too :)

Mereknits said...

It is tough when those little ones change their sleeping habits. I think the charcoal for the TDF and the gray for the Olympics, what so you think?

MadMad said...

Don't worry - you'll have time again soon enough, I promise! Can't wait to see that crochet project you have planned for the class - it looks very pretty!

Roxie said...

No new yarn? ohoh. Hope you don't have a rebound shop-a-thon. Since you'r going into winter, I vote for some cheery yellow in the TDF. And bravo the sexypuffs!

2paw said...

No wonder you haven't had time to buy anything, what with all the newness and they staying away from home. Your crocheted motif's look gorgeous, I can only think of all the end sewing in though!!
I am glad you are ahead in the sexy puffs so a little hiccup won't be too bad.

LynS said...

I'm so pleased it's nearly TdF time again. Like you, I'm an early sign-up for the KAL. Still thinking about projects. I think DrK's advice was very wise about which TdF project you should do: crochet to finish; knit for something to wear.

Zena said...

I miss naptime knitting too, my output dropped greatly once my guys stopped their day sleeps. That Noro is gorgeous, love the garter AND the stockinette sections. But ooh that yellow with the greys, wow. Can't wait to see what you decide!

amy said...

Naps? I don't know what you speak of there. (Seriously. My kids, never much into naps, and when they were, not into napping alone. If I had kids who napped independently, I'd have probably solved the world energy crisis by now, what with all the extra time I'd have had.)

I love the Tour de France. One of the kids was just asking today when it would start. They love it too. :)

Knitdra said...

The grey, I love the grey Noro, no matter what you make with it or how long it takes. It would be nice to finish a project too, so my money's on the crochet.