Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Potato sack anyone?

I had a bad day yesterday. For various reasons which I won't go into. I figured out this morning that the likely cause of it all was that I had put the wrong shoe on first yesterday. Go figure!

Actually my bad day started a bit earlier in the week - Sunday. After knitting away on this v-neck singlet for just over a week (the observant among you may have noticed the status bar growing away steadily on the right hand side) I finished it on Sunday. Then I tried it on and discovered this:

At least 10cm (4") too wide everywhere. So now the top is this:
To console myself, I decided to knit a discrete little project - some boottees for one of husby's friends. Nice quick knit with lovely Rowan wool cotton on my handmade-bought-at-a-country-market blackwood sticks.
I'll get back to the v-neck singlet shortly. At least I can safely knit a smaller size so hopefully it will go quickly. I'm really quite annoyed as I even did a swatch (and I hate swatching) and my tension was spot on. Oh well. Would rather have a top that fits!


Anonymous said...

OH NO!!! You were so brave to quickly frog it--much better luck next time!

Nora said...

Oh Jane, is that a Jo Sharp pattern??

BrownPants said...

ARHHHHH! That's a hell of a frogging! I'm sorry :(

Carson said...

oh bugger!
is that the singlet from jo sharp knit 2?
hmm..with correct gauge & everything? bloody hell how annoying.
nice colour though
you've inspired me to share my 'fozzie-kami' disaster