Thursday, January 04, 2007

Six weird things

Hey! I've been tagged! (Thanks Donni!!) So I've been thinking about this and even asked Husby what he thought was weird about me - he looked at me very suspiciously as if to say "Is this a joke? Are you going to get mad at me if I say anything?" Heh.

So here are my six. Level of weirdness of me is up to you to determine!

1. I have the world's messiest desk and I never make the bed (I hasten to reassure, I do change the sheets etc though!!)* but I can't stand it if the dishwasher isn't packed just so. I will even unpack and repack it if Husby has done it "wrong".

2. I love my belly button. I mean, really love it! I remember reading a quote Madonna allegedly said in the 80s (yep, I remember back that far...) that she would be able to pick her belly button out of a lineup of 100 (or was it 1000?). I reckon I could do that too...if you are lucky and a friend, I will even flash my belly button at you (clearly not when I'm wearing a dress though...)

3. I randomly say "Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" in a high-pitched voice throughout the day - usually only at work though - not on the bus or when I'm shopping - 'cos that really would be weird, right?

4. I can eat chocolate at any time of the day or night. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, 1am, whenever. Actually, not sure if that makes me weird or normal?

5. Ever since I can remember (I think from at least early teens or possibly earlier) I have always put on my left shoe first on odd days of the month, and right shoe first on even days. If I do it wrong, I take my shoes off and start again. It really bothers me when the month ends on an odd day as it means I have to put my left shoe on first for two days in row.

6. I am an introvert. Always have been very shy. It is one of my worst fears to walk into a room (eg a social function) where I don't know anyone. I've become better as I've gotten older, but I'm still somewhat socially inept. A lot of people don't believe this about see (for reasons such as 2 and 3 above) as when I'm in my comfort zone I am quite loud but there you go.

Anyone else who hasn't done it yet but would like to, consider yourself tagged!!

*I have made another new year resolution - to at least tidy the bed every day. So far so good. It is pretty easy when you are on holidays though!!


Anonymous said...

#4 isn't so weird but #5 is, LOL! Great list!

Stephanie said...

Although I favor thin pancakes...your's look delicious!

I don't believe your seem to have such a lovely, bubbley personality...I can't imagine you not constantly sharing it!

Donni said...

Boy you sure are weird ;) not.

Nora said...

#5 is somewhat, er... weird!
But, we still love ya! x

PS: You will always be 'that chick with the red shoes' from now on (Donni's description when she tagged you). Soooo funny.

Bells said...

I am so going to see your bellybutton next time I see you!!!