Thursday, January 11, 2007

Rose Red: Domestic Goddess 2 - Banana Muffins

So, here's the deal: I've resolved to make at least one new item (ie never before made by me from this recipe) from How to Be a Domestic Goddess, at least once a week. I haven't counted, but there's probably about 200 recipes in the book. Some I won't make, most I will. That's it.

January 5, 2007 - Banana Muffins p.218
These are easy-peasy to whip up muffins (they are in the "children" section of the book after all!). They have only a small amount of butter and no sugar - all the sweetness comes from honey and banana. About a cup of flour, baking powder etc and cinnamon and off you go.

They are not the most attractive looking mix before cooking. (Nigella promises the recipe makes 12, but I only ever get 8. Sometimes 7. Maybe my muffin pan is too big?)

They make a most delicious holiday/weekend breakfast addition. About 15 mins to make (possibly less if you have little helpers - or would that mean more??) and 25 minutes to bake (enough time to have a shower and the make the coffee!).

This lot scoffed in about 10 minutes flat!


Jo said...

They look yummy!!! Might have to get that book. Are the recipes easy?

Stephanie said...

Seriously, I think you are already a "Domestic Goddess!"

These muffins look delicious. I would not be brave enough to start a cooking project like this before leaving the house for work...but you sure make it look easy!

Have a great time in NY!

Nora said...

I made muffins today too - blueberry.