Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year!

Yes, I know, a day late and all, but you know, I'm on holidays - I'm pretty much doing things when I want!!

Had a good NYE, watched the fireworks from Pyrmont Park - Husby's 17yo niece is staying with us for a week, from Qld, and she really wanted to see the midnight fireworks ("because, it's like, midnight"!!). So we were just a little cold, and quite annoyed by the boys sitting near us who insisted on blowing loud trumpet/horns during the whole evening (and particularly during the fireworks) - what made it even worse was their mother saying to them at one point: "Don't blow that near me - you can blow it somewhere else but not near me, it's just rude" (!!!omg!!! because it isn't rude to blow it in complete strangers ears and spoil their night!!) but it was good to see them live and the atmosphere was really nice - lots of families and people generally having fun, it wasn't packed out and you could take bottles etc and we got a park reasonably close by which made getting home a whole lot easier!

Started 2007 off as I mean to continue it - cooking something from my fave cookbook, How to Be a Domestic Goddess. Pancakes. Mmmm delicious thick pancakes - blueberry for husby and niece, banana for me. And there was enough mix left over for one each today as well. Yumbo! (had pic but bl*gger won't post it!!)

So I don't really make new year's resolutions. But there are a couple of things I plan to do this year, so they are kind of like resolutions:

1. Launch Rose Red: Domestic Goddess - inspired by Julie & Julia, I have decided to make at least one recipe a week from How to Be a Domestic Goddess. Now I'll never be a proper DG, but I do like to bake. Ideally, I'd like to make every recipe in it (like Julie did) but that's not gonna happen - for a start, one of the recipes is for rhubarb tart. I hate rhubarb. So that one's off the list. But I'll give most of them a go. Should be fun. Should make me weigh a tonne by the end of 2007...

2. I'm doing Knit from your Stash. I've got a few modifications but I'm committed to it and it will make husby v. happy (not that I plan on telling him as I'll have to own up to the whole stash...). More on the modifications in another entry...

3. Knit more for charity. Ideally an item a month. Anyone know of good knitting related ones in Australia? I know about Wraps with Love but I've got a few baby items in mind (I have sooo much baby yarn!!). I can always do Red Cross or Salvation Army or Smith Family as backups.

4. Private (ooooooh)

That's pretty much it - all very achieveable - I hope anyway. No. 4 is potentially a problem. We'll see.


Nora said...

Happy New Year to you too - (ok, I'm 2 days late). x

Jill C said...

I like rhubarb - in fact it's my favourite so maybe next time I visit you can make me a mini one and then you will have made everything!!