Tuesday, January 09, 2007

First FO's of 2007!

Our NY hats (have I mentioned I'm going to NY next week? I'm kinda excited..) are now done.

Husby's Log Cabin beanie

Yarn: Filatura di Crosa Zara, 1x50g ball (with only a walnut sized ball to spare - lucky!) col 1468, a charcoal-y grey. Nothing bright for husby! This is a great yarn and very soft, especially after washing.
Pattern: My own, but using the cable pattern from the Log Cabin Socks in Handknit Holidays. CO 112 st and 2x2 cable.
Sticks: 4.5mm 40cm bamboo circular - I knit a big tight hence the larger than recommended sticks.
Time: Woohoo! 31 December 2006 - 2 January 2007 - hats are sooooo quick!
What I learnt: It is worth taking the time to graph out the pattern and be prepared to make adjustments to it; Zara works better on 4.5mm sticks for me than 4mm (husby's scarf is also in Zara, but on 4mm sticks - on reflection I think it is a bit stiff, but hopefully washing and blocking will sort that out).

My Le Slouch

Pattern: Wendy's (Knit and Tonic) Le Slouch (stocking stitch version)
Yarn: Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed, 1.5 x 50g balls, col 117 Potpourri
Sticks: 5.5mm dpns
Modifications: I couldn't get gauge with this yarn so I cast on 84 stitches instead of the 60-odd recommended by the pattern. Did the increases and length as per the pattern, and when decreasing for the crown, I split the 6 sections into 21 sts each - so added a couple of rows to the crown.
Time: 3 January - 6 January 2007
What I learnt: I should have done the ribbing in smaller sticks, it is a bit too loose.

Overall I'm really happy with both hats, the beanie is perfect (unlike the pic, sorry it's a bit blurry) and I love the slouchiness of mine (I look terrible in beanies!). I think the tweediness will tone in well with my scarf (and tone it down a bit too I hope!).


Jill said...

I love your Le Slouch. Can I please request one for my birthday????!!!!

Nora said...

Heh, I read 'Our NEW YEAR hats' and thought "Why on earth do they need woolen NEW YEAR hats? They're in Sydney for God's sake!"

Then, the penny dropped...