Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I could not resist the siren song...

Remember this? I couldn't resist the call of this yarn, and somehow, on the weekend, it became this:

I love it even more wound into 3 balls of goodness. Look how the colours harmonise. Sweeeeet.

The yarn continued to sing to me until I could resist no longer and so started knitting the planned scarf (Yarn Harlot 1 row reversable pattern) for me (for our January New York trip, so I need it, honest!).

Now, having thrown myself to the Sirens, I'm not sure if I'm doomed or not. Does it look:

(a) quite good actually, yes I think I could get used to it; or

(b) like something the cat dragged in (oh my, I am turning into my mother).

What do you think? Do I keep going or do I frog? And if the latter, what pattern should I use?


Lisa L said...

I think the colors in the scarf look fantastic! But then, I love to knit socks with vibrantly bright colors!

Nora said...

I like it! I also like this:


Good luck. x