Friday, October 13, 2006

Tee Hee!

You Are 28% Evil

A bit of evil lurks in your heart, but you hide it well.
In some ways, you are the most dangerous kind of evil.

Some random Friday fun - just right for Friday 13th!


Whimsical Knitting said...

OMGoodness, I'm badddd...
You Are 48% Evil
You are evil, but you haven't yet mastered the dark side.
Fear not though - you are on your way to world domination.

Anonymous said...

Pathetic score, Rose Red. Come on, admit it, you've fantasised about poking a small defenceless animal with your knitting needles...those purple wedges are the shoe of a supervillainess!

Louis said...

Here, I do not actually consider it is likely to have effect.