Sunday, October 08, 2006

10 things...

Grumperina started a meme - 10 knitterly things you don't know about me. I don't think I can do 10 knitterly things (that's what the main blog is for!!) so here are 10 things which may or may not be knitting related that you might not have known about me:

1. I didn't know what a meme was until I the blog addiction took hold. Now I'm still not sure how I'd define it, but it is this list thingy - sometimes they are Q&A format.

2. I didn't change my name when I married husby. I work in a professional services environment and it is (or was - not so much any more, which is interesting...) the norm not to change your name. None of my work friends have changed their name. All of my school friends did. I'm glad I didn't. It annoys the crap out of me that one of husby's (female) friends insists on addressing cards to us in husby's name. It makes me feel like either she can't remember my name or doesn't care that she's getting it wrong.

3. I LOVE reality tv (ok, so that's not a surprise to my friends reading this). I know it is wrong and bad but I don't care. I love it. I love watching how people behave. I tell myself sometimes that my interest is a bit intellectual - it's like a reminder that we're all human and we all make mistakes - and sometimes people surprise you in the way they behave, react etc; and we're all different and that's one of the things that makes life interesting. But I do draw the line at The Bachelor and any other dating type show (gee, I have SOME standards!!). And I do accept that generally speaking, reality tv is crap. But it IS good knitting tv.

4. I enjoy reading Agatha Christie mysteries. They are gentle (although can be quite violent) and a reminder of a different time (ie occasionally racist!).

5. The male gene runs strong in my family. My dad had 5 brothers, my mum had 7 (the oldest of which was brought up as her uncle, another sign of former times) and I have 4 (and I'm the youngest!). Plus I have 5 nephews. I'd really like to have a girl if I have kids.

6. I moved to Sydney to go to uni - I'd never go back to live in a small country town - unless it was on the coast. I lived in a residential college for 2 years, where I sank without a trace. It was not my scene - I was a lot shyer than I am now and just didn't seem to have much in common with the private school girls that predominantly made up the college scene when I was there.

7. I have about 50 books on my bookshelf that I haven't read yet (my unread books have their own special bookshelf, as if to mock me with my inability to make time to read them). Since I've really gotten into knitting, the only books I seem to read are knitting books. I have to get me some books on tape or CD or something. Or maybe stop sleeping.

8. I love stupid jokes. The paper published one of my childhood favourites recently:

Q: Why does Edward Woodward have so many D's in his name?
A: Because otherwise his name would be Ewar Woowar

(yep, I know it is bad (REALLY bad) but it still makes me giggle)

9. I am most jealous of really artistic, creative people. I can make things look ok, I've got a reasonable sense of design and colour but am mostly derivative. If I could change anything about myself, I think it would be to make myself genuinely artistic and creative.

10. When I was a child I hated curly hair. Now I wish I had curly hair. My mum always wanted me to have curly hair. Mums are so right. What a shame it is that mainly we don't realise that until we grow up (after we've given them all the grief of teenage and twenties).

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