Monday, October 30, 2006

cup o tea, cup o tea...

Giles: My life just flashed before my eyes
Spike: What, cup o tea, cup o tea, almost had a shag, cup o tea?*

Jacqueline, from Serendipity, posted her favourite tea cosies and invited here is my contribution.

I made this as part of my learn to crochet course, and am glad to say it is wool, not acrylic, cleckheaton wool actually, I still have the left-over bits (yep, I did the course about 20 years ago, and yep, I'm a hoarder...). I found it again about 2 years ago, it was packed away with the rest of my teenage "glory box" items. Since I now have a teapot, which by a very pleasing coincidence, perfectly matches my tea cosy both in colour and zig-zag pattern, I use the cosy when I have enough people to use the big pot. I really love this cosy pattern, but I remember it took some time to make, being all double-crochet and with lots of colour changes.

*one of my favourite exchanges from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, season six


jacqueline said...

oh wow! that is a cute tea cosy!! i love it!

thank you for dropping by my blog.

i know where you can get a copy of the owl tea cosy. it is in this book.

however, it might not be worth while to buy the book for one pattern. you could try your local library and if they don't have it...and inter-library loas is always an option.

Becka said...

Love, love your tea cozy!!