Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Alpaca socks

Husby is modelling his birthday alpaca socks. Even though he knew he was getting them he was still all excited to open them on birthday morning - except that it was so hot, he would have worn them all weekend!

So, details:
Wool: Adriafil Sierra Andina (100% extrafine alpaca, made in Peru). On the ball, this is a lovely blue/grey twist, but knits up pretty well just blue (shame, really). Not sure what ply it is, I think either 4 or 5 ply. Hard to tell from the label.
Pattern: 5ply pattern from Jo Sharp's Knit vol 1, except with 1x1 ribbing rather than the picot edging (just a bit too girly for husby!). Very quick and easy stocking stitch - I started these to do at a friend's house and got a lot done that night actually (almost the whole leg)! Probably should have done some ankle shaping but I think they'll be ok.
Sticks: 3.25 mm metal dpns (old Aero's which Mum gave me). I actually love knitting with metal dpns, the wool just slips over the sticks. Used 4mm dpns for the ribbing (which is still a little tight if the socks are pulled right up)
Time: Started in the last week of July, finished on 4 October.

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Carson said...

oh, i think you're being too hard on yourself; i think you've got a great sense of design and colour..in knitting at least! take your latest pair of socks for example..they're fab. love the contrast toe n heel. i would definately wear those, with or without picot edging LOL