Sunday, January 14, 2007

Busy weekend pt 1: My New York Scarf

In preparation for our trip on Wednesday, and in accordance with my carefully planned schedule, this weekend has been a big one for FO's (yay! and phew!).

Here is the first of 3: My New York Scarf.
Pattern: The Yarn Harlot's 1 row reversible pattern - very easy!
Yarn: 1x200g hank of JJ's Specialty Yarns Montage (10ply) handpainted colourway Forest.
Sticks: 6mm bamboo
Time: Hmmm, I cast on in September or October, finished today (Sunday 14 January). This pattern is a quick knit, I just didn't do it very much - mostly in the car driving to the mother-in-law's and back or home from work (husby was driving, clearly, not me!!)
What I learnt: This is a loooong scarf. I probably should have stopped earlier - but I wanted to use up all the yarn - pre-blocking it measured 206cm, post blocking 254cm!!! On reflection, this is probably not the right pattern for this yarn - something more stocking stitchy would have shown the colours better I think.

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