Sunday, January 07, 2007

Log cabins all around

After the orgy of Christmas knitting for others, I decided to make a little something something for me. Something delicious and naughty (ie not on my list of must-dos).

I decided on the Log Cabin Socks from Handknit Holidays - I've seen these on a few blogs and they look lovely and warm - just what I need for cold NY mornings. So to the Tapestry Craft sale I went and bought some Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran (a bit more plum than the picture shows) - probably far too yummy for socks, but I was spoiling myself after all! Since I think the yarn used in the pattern is probably thicker than the DB, I made the men's size but on the smaller sticks - and it is just perfect!
Inspired by the ribs and cables, I decided to make Andrew's NY beanie using the same cable pattern, but with more of a gap between. I was going to do him a simple 2x2 rib beanie, but figured the crossing cables would add some interest. So I bought a grid book and charted out the pattern - and I was pretty darn happy with myself I have to say! On reflection, I think it would have looked even cooler to start one double cable column up higher than the other (so it is less symmetrical), but still, I think it looks pretty good!

Now just have to pin Husby down for a photo shoot!


Nora said...

Oh wow! They're both fab. I've used the DB for socks - it's divine!

When are you off to NY??

catsmum said...

very swish! is the gorgeous beanie DB as well?

Carson said...

now that is a handsome beanie
...oh & I thought you'd already gone to NY! ;)

Anonymous said...

Your cablework is fabulous--those socks look so comfy & the hat is awesome!