Thursday, December 20, 2007

In all the rush, time to be thankful

So I wrote the last of my Christmas cards last night, finished my Christmas shopping yesterday (well, ok, almost finished), posted off the last of the parcels yesterday (only had to wait about 10 minutes in line at the PO, pretty good I thought!), and am totally on track to finish the relatively meagre amount of Christmas crafting that I put myself in for this year (much helped by the fact that half of it isn't due until just after Christmas).

I still have to put up the Christmas tree. And wrap the presents. And clean up the house. And finish a bunch of things at work before I start SIX WEEKS' LEAVE this Friday. Can I just mention that again: SIX WEEKS' LEAVE! Huzzah for long service leave!!

As well as long service leave, I thought I'd also take a moment to be thankful for a few other things:

Unexpected gifts
In addition to the fab-o socks from Bells, yarn from Donni, tea, chocolate and other goodies from Shazmina, yarn from Nora (for my birthday - forgot to take a picture - mmmm Handmaiden), handmade sticks from BrownPants (ditto re the picture forgetting), yarn from Amy, yarn from Michele, yarn from MadMad (noticing any theme here...), last week I received a package from Tinkingbell.

I was instructed to not open it until Christmas, but since Madmad couldn't wait, or Donni, or Bells, I couldn't hold off longer than the two days I'd conscientiously waited.

Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Thanks Tink! HappySpider sock yarn, chocolate (mmmm chocolate), tea, lovely Tasmanian soap (love fancy soap!) and a tape measure (can never have too many of those!)

Fab bloggy friends
See above! And more - this year I've been so excited to get to know so many wonderful bloggers. I've blagged on quite a bit about this topic already - it really does amaze me how cool you all are!

Socks that Rock!
Ok, this is not all mine...most of it was for Christmas gifts.

I only kept 3 for myself, honest! I can assure you, postage is very reasonable when you are buying in bulk!! (STR Lightweight in Beryl and Ruby Slippers, STR Silkie in Valkyrie) (How could an Australian not buy a yarn called Beryl - Berr-RYL!)


Bells said...

10 mins at PO? How on earth did that happen?

You've been given so many lovely things.

Rest assured there are numerous bloggers who are thrilled to have become your friends this year. It's entirely, 100% reciprocated.

I'm dying to use my STR. I wonder what we'll make?

amy said...

That STR picture...oh, my....let me get my breath back!

And what Bells said. 100% right back at ya!

RoseRed's Friend said...

No thank you, no. Thank you. No. Thank you. No really. Thank you (Wiggles reference) but really. THANK YOU. It's been a pleshj

Nora said...

I recived my STR from you today! So gorgeous. Thank you, chick. x


Queen of the froggers said...

Lovely yarns! Enjoy your 6 weeks leave, that is fab! Have a great christmas too. x

kgirl said...

gorgeous yarns.

I now have "Berr-RYL" on repeat in my head, too - LOL!

Donna Lee said...

I can't imagine 6 weeks off. Here in the US we call that unemployment. I am taking off from the 21st to the 2nd and that feels like a luxury! I'm not sure how we became such workaholics. And the pleasure of 'meeting' you this past year has been wonderful. Enjoy your vacation. And the yarn,oh the yarn.

MadMad said...

Six weeks? SIX WEEKS?! Wow-sa! What are you going to do?

And it is we who are thrilled to have met you!

Alwen said...

Yeah, in the US I got six weeks for maternity leave. By the time you get back, they're wondering if they really need you if they could do without you that long.

I love the STR with the two-color plies!

Carson said...

I agree totally about Beryl ;)
Thank you for your 'xmas' thoughts too by the way, I appreciate it.

amanda j said...

What a lovely place blogland is! That yarn is gorgeous! I love STR, love love it!

Have a fabulous Christmas!