Thursday, January 10, 2008

MIL's Christmas Socks

Time for a bit of catchup! Here are the MIL's socks, finished in plenty of time for Christmas (well, the day before, but I also had time to wash and block and wrap them, all on Christmas Eve day).
Lacy Mock Cable Socks

Pattern: Lacy Mock Cable socks - a fab (and free!) easy pattern that knits up in a flash. The only modifications was to the heel and gusset shaping - I didn't quite do it as the pattern suggested, but close enough.

Yarn: Colinette Jitterbug in Velvet Olive, a lovely semi solid deep green, chosen by husby out of a variety of my sock yarn - and excellent choice, as the MIL loved the colour (first "phew" moment on Christmas day!). I've read criticisms of the Jitterbug on Ravelry - short yardage (267m) and knots in the skeins. I found no knots and the yardage was just enough for these socks - I was rather obsessive about weighing the ball as I was knitting, just to be sure. I thought that I might not have enough for both socks, but as I found when I'd finished one sock, I should have a little to spare - which, as it turns out, I did. Darning yarn!

Sticks: 3mm KP options dpns - which partly explains why this pattern is so quick to knit!!

Time: 19 November 2007 - 24 December 2007 - the first sock was mostly knit on the bus to and from work. I ramped it up a bit on the second one, to make sure it was done in time!
Lacy Mock Cable Socks
In case you think I have an oddly shaped foot, the sock is on my hand - I didn't want to stretch them over my foot or my sock blockers (my MIL has very slim legs and feet!)
Phew moments: First one was when I finished both socks with a little bit of yarn leftover. Second one was on the colour choice, as noted above, and the third one was when she tried them on and they fit! I was working blind on the foot size, so estimated pretty well.

Although apparently the socks are "too nice to wear"!


Bells said...

'too nice to wear' is great praise, really. That's when you know they're liked.

They are gorgeous. I love that pattern so much, as you know, and didn't do the gusset and heel to pattern either, but quite close.

Just beautiful. I must try them on 3mm. I always do them on smaller needles and increase the stitch count a bit but how fast would 3mm be?

I love the name of it, too. Velvet Olive. Beautiful.

And the sock on hand shot made me think of a snake!!!

TinkingBell said...

Lovely - and not too nice to wear - just to pretty to cover with shoes!

amy said...

Beautiful color. I'm glad she liked them.

I so coveted your Moleskine planner that I bought one today. I could only find it in black, though. But I was happy to find it at all--most of the places that carry Moleskine around here didn't have the planner for some reason.

With you as inspiration, I shall be SO organized!!! (Go ahead, ask me--YES my yarn is in ziploc bags!!!)

kms said...

very lovely socks, that yarn is a beautiful colour and they are too nice to wear because then you cant look at them all the time :)

Donna Lee said...

That is one of my favorite patterns. It is so fast and fits so well. The color is gorgeous.

kim said...

They are so pretty, and I must agree that they are "too nice to wear." I have the same problem. I just can't bear to wear the socks I make. The thought of putting holes in the heels gauls me! Lovely color too.

MadMad said...

Oooh - what a beautiful color! And pattern! Good job!

Alwen said...

I love that color name, too. Mmm, velvet olive.

"Too nice to wear" only becomes a problem when they get put away in a drawer and insects make the holes instead of feet! Better toes & heels than critters, I say.

Anonymous said...

How sweet. Those socks are lovely, but I hope she gets over the "too nice to wear" & actually wears them!

Snoozen said...

Maybe MIL will relax as her place becomes more tormented by little people and she feels a need to escape and sit in her bedroom and relax while wearing her comfy socks.

I think they are awesome, she is probably also excited about someone doing something nice for her and wants to treasure them.

Michele said...

they wouldn't be too nice to wear if they lived at my house!

oh right i just got socks from you. :)

catsmum said...

the quilty equivalent of 'too nice to wear' is 'too good to put on the bed'