Monday, January 07, 2008

Looking forward

So, I've had a bit of time to think about it, and I've read a bunch of resolutions/ aims/ hopes/ dreams from others. Now's my turn. And it's hard. But I've procrastinated over this post enough. While I'm tempted just to link to George's list of aims, and say "me too" (ok, so I just did that anyway, and it's true!), I'd better do the right thing and do it myself.

Something I was looking forward to in 2008 was opening my new knitting diary. Out with the old 2007 blue one, stuffed with bits of paper, addresses, yarn labels, postcards and so on, and in with the shiny new red moleskine, perfectly formed and with an in-built ruler (see, designed for knitters!!). Mmm, new knitting diary, lots of possibilities...

(see what I did there - more procrastination!!)

Alrighty, down to it.

Looking back to last year's resolutions, how could I have guessed that #1 would take off in the way it did - not only did I do this one, but it lead to a whole new blog and a fabulous fabulous friendship (Bells has written up our recent visit already! So efficient!)

#2, knit from your stash - not so good. Sigh. Am having another go at this. Bellsknows how much stash I've got! Am totally stealing Del's idea to note which projects I knit in 2008 using stash yarn.

#3, knit for charity. 2007 - good intentions, poor execution. Will do better for 2008.

#4. The less said the better, really.

So, for 2008, the year about which I have an insanely good feeling - I've no idea why, this rarely happens to me, but I do have a good feeling about 2008. I believe good things are headed our way this year (and when I say "our", I mean not only me and husby, but you as well, dear reader!). This is the plan:

1. Stashbusting and knitting for charity. Simple aim means achieving is easy. I've already knit one sock from stash yarn:
And I've joined a Ravelry group which aims to knit a pair of socks a month from stash. I could do that for a good 5 years I reckon...

2. Transfer my blog persona to real life. I've said it before, blogging means I can be the good person I want to be. I want to be that person more in real life. More kind, less snark. Remember to think before speaking. Self-edit.

3. Set some goals each month, even if it is only 1 thing, and do it. Report back to the blog. The blog must keep me honest!

That's it, really. Pretty simple huh.

And don't forget: Good things for all in 2008!


Bells said...

oh bravo! *applause* Nice list. And well done on meeting some of last year's aims so well. Here's to this year's being achievable, too.

You know, I don't think you are as snarky as you think. I feel way more snarky than you!

I'm going to do a list, too. This afternoon. I need to do something to make the first day back at work more bearable.

amy said...

I love Moleskine. I'm pretty much drooling over your red one. The sock is pretty, too, but I covet the Moleskine. Of course, we know I have a thing for paper. :)

Really, I feel like a slug every time I see such an industrious list. (I had to take a nap after reading Georgie's.) But I think I will be well served, personally, by trying to let go of my need for control. lists for me. But I will cheer you all on!

2paw said...

Nice aims. Most people have been NOT all about the reolutions this year. I never am. I have the guilt, it's the nuns' fault!!!
I really like your aims: simple, within the grasp of normal people, and you have already started.
Good Aim Wishes to you!!!
PS Wouldn't Life be good if there was an Undo button??

Anonymous said...

Oh yay, you're taking my idea & using it! I hope we both benefit from the stashbusting thing. New diaries, mmmmmmm....loads of possibilities. And I agree, I think 2008 is so promising.

Jerry said...

Nice goals... I'm taking little steps with you and also on the 5 year plan for sock stash reducton.

SadieandLance said...

Yay good things on the horizons for you! HNY. Hey I think I'm gonna make one of my resolutions to crash your little SnB gatherings with Shaz and BP...

MadMad said...

That's a nice list! I love the diary idea - I don't know why I never thought of that. You should write a book on organizing knitters: bags, books... we could go on strike... OK. Now I'm just rambling.

Queen of the froggers said...

I love that notebook, I have a bit of a notebook habit. The trouble is I never want to spoil them by using them!

Sarah said...

Good luck with your resolutions.

Great diary; like Queen of the Froggers I'm a sucker for a nice diary or notebook and one of my resolutions last year was to make myself write in them and not worry about spoiling them!!! said...

Bells sent me here--nice list of great plans for 2008. Less snark, self-edit more reminds me of what my mother must have said (sometimes impatiently) throughout my childhood: "Stacie, think before you speak!" Mostly now I just let the cat out of the bag when it's someone's surprise birthday, but I have my snarky moments, esp. on the phone with medical insurance types. Cheers, and may you have that wonderful year you are anticipating!

Shazmina Bendi said...

ok, having read your blog and met you in person, I actually think your blog persona and the REAL you are one and the same! YOU ROCK! I too have a really great feeling about 2008, I think it is a year for beginnings and endless possibilities!

kgirl said...

fabulous list! ("more nice, less snark" made me LAUGH! Can't imagine you even being remotely snarky)

great moleskin diary, too - ruler=great thinking, 99!

good luck with your list and the Moonlight Monkeys look awesome ;)

Donna Lee said...

Well, for us here in the US, 2008 is the year we finally get to vote Mr Bush out of office. We tried, we really tried, twice now we tried. Whooppee! So, that makes is a good year already, except for all the campaign commercials and coverage.

Snoozen said...

I wish you nothing but good things in 2008. I had a great feeling about 2008 but it has already turned very pear shape so hopefully it will recover very soon and I will feel the positive energy that you display.

Great resolutions good for you.

Keep strong

Georgie said...

Very achievable list RR, and good on you for getting some of last year's done too (and admitting where you didnt!).

On #1 - Im so glad you've got 5 years sock stash, cos on current appearances, its going to take that long to find the Grrrman sock yarn.

And I like #3 - I too need accountability requirements to keep me on track!

May all good things come to you in 2008! Mwah!

BrownPants said...

I'd never call you snark! How strange...?