Thursday, May 29, 2008

What about me?

I was beginning to think nobody loved me, until Sarah finally tagged me for the latest meme - either that or you're all totally over me blathering on about myself. If the latter, ignore at your peril, there's good stuff to follow!!

1) What was I doing ten years ago?
Ten years ago I was working as a lawyer (for the same firm I'm still working for...). From memory I was working on a big unfair dismissal case for one of our largest clients. The case went on appeal, so it was a matter that took up a fair proportion of my time for a year or two (or three). I wasn't married but I'd been going out with husby for 5 years. Both my dad and husby's dad were still with us, and I was living in a one bedroom flat in Kingsford (a suburb of Sydney).

2) What are five (non-work) things on my to-do list for today?
I don't even use a proper to-do list for work things, let alone non-work things!! But I do make lists from time to time, so here's a few things I'd like to do today:
-clean my teeth after I finish eating breakfast (which I'm doing as I'm typing this) - a pretzel, from a newly discovered German bakery near work.
-possibly have a look at a couple of my favourite stores, which are having sales right now. I'm going to try and be good and not buy anything, but if I find the right pair of black trousers, they are mine, all mine!
-cook dinner
-knit - I'm back on a clappy so I'd like to do at least 2 repeats, and possibly more of Pearl Buck
-unpack and pack the dishwasher
Sorry that's not very inspiring, but it's a weeknight you know!

3) Snacks I enjoy?
Oh chocolate - at the moment, Green & Black's Maya Gold is a favourite. Or Haighs. Mmmmm chocolate.
Also rice crackers and dip - one of those yummy chunky basil/cashew type ones, or hummous. Ooooh, and custard. I love custard.

4) Things I would do if I were a billionaire?
Quit work immediately. Buy a lovely but not ridiculously over the top house for me and husby, and my mum (her own house, if she wanted a new one) and probably each of mine and husby's siblings, put enough aside so that we could live comfortably and I'd have enough yarn money, and give the rest to charity or set up a charitable foundation or something. I'd like to travel too maybe and do some type of volunteer work but I'd really like to help out others.

5) Places I have lived?
My home town in country NSW
Various suburbs of Sydney including on campus at the University of Sydney, Newtown, Dulwich Hill, Marrickville, St Peters, Kensington, Kingsford and my current suburb in the inner west.

6) Jobs I have had?
The usual studenty jobs - shop assistant, waitress. A couple of more unusual ones - casual work in the academic dress hire dept at uni - that was great actually - worked on graduations, dressing people who hired gowns, hoods and trenchers for graduation (trenchers are the cap things with the flat board and tassel). So funny dressing girls who wanted "longer" gowns (there are rules here people!!) and who had done their hair up all fancy and so tried to wear the trencher on the back of their head - of course it is not going to stay on if you do that!! Also "bunny girl" at Souths Juniors Leagues Club - I prefer "poker machine attendant" but yes, they called us bunny girls. Thankfully the uniform did not involve fluffy bunny tails or anything of that nature. It did, however, involve the wearing of a pill box hat. Which was made much more bearable by the fact that it was red! Sometimes I also entertained notions of being a latter day Jacqueline Kennedy. Yep, there was a fair bit of day dreaming time in that job.

7) Peeps I want to know more about?
I think I am definitely the last person in blogland to do this...but if you haven't done it and you'd like to share, please consider yourself tagged!! I love hearing about everyone!!

Oh, and for those still looking for the "good stuff"... Gotcha! Had to say something to encourage you to read to the end...


Bells said...

A bunny girl!! ha ha ha ha ha ha I bet you looked cute in a pill box hat (a red one no less! )

Oh and the reason I didn't tag you was because I figured I knew you well enough - but I didn't know about the bunny girl thing so I was proven wrong!

Snoozen said...

I thought I knew you well Having known you since the beginning of your and Hs relationship. BUT I did not know the Bunny Girl aspect, how much fun are we going to have with that one...

I have never been tagged but I guess I am fairly new to blogland, so I wouldn't worry if I was you :-)

SadieandLance said...

Hahaha Bunny girl, bunny girl. That is priceless.

Hey I worked hiring out academic gowns once too for graduation. I remember it was really really tiring. And umm I thought they were called mortar boards? Shows how much attention I paid!

Anonymous said...

Your answers were so much more involved than mine! I hate talking about myself, I guess...but then why am I blogging, LOL??

amanda j said...

Interesting answers! I always love reading these but find them difficult to answer. Thanks for sharing!

Queen of the froggers said...

Great answers! I like these memes.

kms said...

im sorry but i too am roflmao at the bunny girl thing. not at YOU mind.... just the whole thing... do you have photos? hehehe

MadMad said...

OK, I want to hear a little more about that bunny thing. You got any pics?

Em said...

Oh, yes. Pictures of the bunny girl outfit and hat, the readers demand it, hehe. Thanks for playing along, I always get such a kick out of reading these.

Michele said...

what are you talking about? this is all good! funny for me to read that the dishwasher is also on someone else's to do list. and you are lovely to want to buy family members houses! i want to do this meme - have been writing and rewriting it in my head all week. i will get there.