Friday, May 30, 2008

Ha ha ha

Ha ha ha, you are all too too funny being amused by my bunny girl job. Sigh. As if I'd have a picture of me in the hideous (except the pill box hat) uniform AND that even if I did, I'd post it for all the world to see (or at least that portion of the world that googles "bunny girl" in the hopes for something far more salacious)!

But I will humour you all (it's Friday night and I must be tired...) and paint a mental picture for you, to save you having to gouge your eyes out, which you clearly would if I did post an actual picture of me wearing this uniform...

Imagine this, dear reader who is easily amused by job names given by patronising male bosses in blokey leagues club environments, a uniform which is comprised of:

-one bone coloured dress patterned with red and green things (I can't actually remember what they were...little abstract things I think). The dress is entirely made of some horrible polyester fabric which does not breathe, but at least washes and drip dries in a flash with no ironing required. The dress is slightly a-line, has a collar and short sleeves, and buttons up the front. Yes, you heard right, it buttons up the front. The dress comes in a length which is very matronly, and which is prompted shorted by all the young ladies who are so delighted to wear it. You choose the length. For me, I think it was about knee length or just above it. For most of the others it was quite a bit shorter.

-one skinny red belt, which must be worn over the dress.

-one red jacket, also delightfully polyester. Also, I think, collarless and double breasted. Oh the delights of the jacket! In hindsight, the jacket probably would have been greatly improved by wearing the belt around the jacket, rather than the dress, but I guess that wasn't the look back then (thankfully, well over 10 years ago). And we probably would have gotten in trouble anyway. Most chose to wear the jacket even if it was too hot, to avoid having to walk around the poker machine patrons wearing (ugh) just the dress (and belt).

-one pair flesh coloured pantyhose - because they are always so flattering.

-one pair cream/bone coloured heeled shoes. Oh my, the trouble I had finding a pair of low-heeled (because who wants to stand on their feet for an 8 hour shift in high heels!) cream/bone coloured shoes. And no, I do not still have those shoes!!

-all topped off by the fabulous red pill box hat. I actually did love the pill box hat, although clearly everyone else hated it. Wish I'd kept that hat.

Are you all happy now?!! Hope you have a good weekend!! Don't have any nightmares now!


Bells said...

nice. Very nice. Or should that be 'noice'.

All that polyester! The very thought of it is making me feel sweaty and itchy!

I can't remember where I heard it but it was a comedian, I think, joking about 'all the little polyesters who died' in the making of a garment.

I bet those button up dresses aren't a great look for girls with actual breasts!

Bells said...

Also, good for you for giving the people what they wanted! he he

MadMad said...

Wow. The people thank you for this early a.m. giggle.

Georgie said...

At least we only had to wear a waistcoast made of the most horrendous tartan stuff (purple and maroon being the primary colours) over a white shirt and black pants or skirt.

But did you job description include emptying the ashtrays that sat between the machines - tipping the contents into a metal ice bucket held under one arm then wiping out with a damp chux? I reeked of ciggie ash for the 3 years I did that job. And my fingernails fell out.


Alwen said...

So, you've done some good in the world already today, by giving part of it a laugh?

kim said...

Oh, that one made me laugh. What an image it conjurs. You didn't save the hat? For shame!

Donna Lee said...

That sounds just divine. Lovely, scratchy polyester against your skin for 8 hours at a time while in heels. Ugh. I worked at a McDonalds and we had the loveliest green uniforms made of ,you guessed it, polyester. It did wash well but it melted if you got too close to the grill!

Michele said...

too funny! i wish you still had the pill box hat too. would be fun to see a photo of you and the hat.

Em said...

I used to have to buy uniform shirts for Autozone, because they were largely polyester, which is the only thing that stands up to battery acid. Aren't synthetics delightful?

PrincessPea said...

That is such an amazing image, and then the deep irony of calling you bunny girls!