Sunday, June 01, 2008

Keeping Track - May 2008

So another month has gone by. Didn't do a great job on the May goals - I got a little bit distracted by some gift yarn and other things. But I was pretty darn happy with myself to have finished the garter stitch rug - so much so that I've bought a packet of the same orange yarn for my own blankie (yay Tapestry Craft sale and half price yarn!).

Of course, what that means is my stash size has grown a bit this month - quite a bit actually - oh dear! Thanks to Kim, and to Michele and to George and Bells, and to Tapestry Craft!!

I've shown the yarn from Kim already but how about this:
Gorgeous hand-dyed indigo yarn from Michele - I love this yarn!! Such divine shades of blue - fabulous. The picture really doesn't do it justice. Check out her flickr photos for more detail of dying with indigo (and a much better picture of the yarn!)

And George and Bells went on a shopping expedition for me at the Canberra wool fest a weekend or two ago and bought me this:
Lovely 8ply Fibreworks yarn - the colours in the picture aren't quite right but I couldn't do much better today, it was so overcast. The yarn on the top is really a mix of greens and blues while the yarn on the bottom is reds and oranges - just fabulous colours.
And this - natural alpacky - not dyed, this is the actual colour of the alpacky - how cool is that!!

So here's the numbers:
In: 39.5 x 50g balls - urk!!!
Out: 11.75 x 50g balls - actually quite a good month for me on the knitting front! Particularly as I knit all of this myself!

So YTD, I'm +50.5 x 50g balls. And I don't think June is going to be much better...but I'm going to try!


Bells said...

Snigger. +50.5 balls. You're bad, RoseRed. So bad.

My clappy is in the green yarn we got you and I have found it impossible to capture in photos too!

Alwen said...

Am I bad, that I found the half just as amusing as the 50?

Michelle said...

Since when did gift yarn count as stash?

Shall have to add up my numbers tomorrow, but I don't think it will be good at all :(

Carol said...

You've given me a giggle with the in and out stats. I think when yarn is this gorgeous it doesn't count as stash. :D

kim said...

You know, I thought I could whittle away my stash too, but it just never seems to work. I either see things I *must* have or I get a lovely gift. So, I'm considering it to be like my weight. I just have a 'set weight,' and that's it. I'm always going to have extra!

Lovely, lovely gift goodies you have there!

Donna Lee said...

Gift yarn definitely does not count. And 50+ balls is not soooo bad. I'm sure it brings you joy and anything that brings joy can't be all bad.

PrincessPea said...

Oh, this is fantastic to see! It makes me realise that my pathetically small stash really does need fattening up!

MadMad said...

I have started "decorating" with my yarn, because I don't know if I'll ever get around to knitting with it all. Now I just put it in bowls and baskets everywhere and leave it for everyone to look at. What else can you do, though? It's too pretty to put away in a box somewhere, right?

Queen of the froggers said...

I love the blue yarn. I am trying not to worry about my stash but also not to buy more, which always means everything I see I want!

lilypotter said...

Mmmmmm... yarn. Very nice. I especially love the alpaca; such a great (natural) color! Then again, alpaca yarn is my downfall.

Snoozen said...

Hey a really silly question but you are used to me asking them by now... how do you successfully unravel the wool into a ball without it becoming a tangled mess.