Friday, June 20, 2008

Oh alpacky, how I love thee!

This little project really has been the collaboration of cool knitters. Last month Kim sent me this gorgeous Blue Sky Alpaca 100% alpaca yarn - two glorious yummy skeins of it.
Look at that little alpacky on the label - so cute!
Even though I had plenty of other things on the sticks, I felt the need to immediately knit with it - although I have to say, I was just tempted to wear it around my neck like so:
But, you know, I figured the skein would get tangled eventually and it would be a total pain to wash, and besides, by just wearing the skein I would be denying myself the pleasure of knitting with this yarn.
Thanks to Nora, I found a link to a project with a great stitch pattern. Since I had two skeins, I thought that would be too much for a cowl, so I figured I could make a short scarf - scarflet really - and button it closed. So a cowl-but-not. I even swatched!! I had to work out how many stitches to the inch, so I knew how many stitches to cast on - since I knit this lenthways, rather than from the short side.
And then, with more thanks to Nora, I got a great button! Let's all say in our best Sesame Street voice: "Co-op-er-a-tion!"
Yarn: Blue Sky Alpaca 100% alpaca, 2x50g skeins in colour 508 (lot 9604) - gorgeous charcoaly grey softest soft alpacky.
Sticks: 5mm KP Options - this is really a sportweight/5ply yarn, but I wanted it really drapey, and the 5mm sticks were a good choice I think.
Pattern: The stitch pattern is so very easy:
Row 1: (k1, sl1 with yarn in front (wyif)), repeat to end
Rows 2 & 4: sl first stitch p/wise, purl to end
Row 3: k2, (sl1 wyif, k1) repeat to end
I cast on 150 stitches and just knit until I ran out of yarn, adding a buttonhole in the "right" spot when I got to it - in the end, before blocking the scarflet measured 24cm/9" wide and 71cm/28" long, post-blocking it was 27cm/10" wide and 81cm/32" long.
Time: 9 May 1008 - 18 May 2008. A pleasure to knit the entire time!
What I learnt: Even using a nice flat stitch pattern, the scarflet will curl...sigh (the picture above is pre-blocking). I think I'm going to add very small press-studs or hook & eye closures on the edges near the button. I did think I was tempting fate by putting a buttonhole in the middle rather than at the edge!
But still, I do love this alpacky scarflet and the lovely knitterly goodness it represents!


Bells said...

Oh isn't it lovely! I swear the skein looks blue in the first photo.....

"Scarflet with cool button" - that should be the pattern name!

I want! I want! I want!

Not yours obviously, cos that would just be mean. But my own.

It does look better around your neck knit up, but the idea of the skein being worn is too damn funny.

amy said...

It's very stylish, too. And yep, I thought it was blue in the first photo. It's so hard photographing colors correctly sometimes!

Olivia said...

It looks great. I actually thought the curling was part of the look! I'm working on some buttoned mini scarves for friends at the moment. And as I struggle with my enormous clapotis in the mornings - it's fine until I get too hot on the bus and have to unwrap it and it hits the floor! - I think short scarves or neckwarmers for me will be next.

Alwen said...

Very stylish, and isn't that alpaca soft? I have some laceweight alpaca that still hasn't confessed what it wants to be yet.

Ann said...

The scarf looks great & I love the button. I think the curled edges are a nice feature.

Nora said...

A beautiful little scarf with a beautiful little story. :) Enjoy!

Sarah said...

Yarn necklaces - I can see them coming down the catwalk soon.

Love this scarf and think it looks wonderful as is. That stitch pattern is great and I wouldn't have guessed it was so easy, love anything with slipped stitches for the extra speed.

kim said...

Isn't that label the best? I've had it on my bulletin board for a few years. His little face makes me smile.

Such a lovely little alpaca neck hug. The button is Fab-yooo-lous!

Diana said...

I love the Blue Sky alpaca too and have a favorite scarf just because it's alpaca! Your short scarf idea with the large button is awesome.

Queen of the froggers said...

I love your scarf, isn't it just in the perfect yarn with the best button?!

MadMad said...

I love it when something I make has a good story, too. And when it comes out that nice, bonus!

amanda j said...

Gorgeous story and finished piece! Simply lovely!

lilypotter said...

Very pretty! And I swear I can feel it's softness through the computer. I absolutely love alpaca!

kms said...

oh i think you were wearing this at craft fair no? i secretly admired it then, now i will do so openly! it looks great on.

Anonymous said...

Very stylish & elegant! The button is just perfect. It looks incredibly soft, too.

2paw said...

Oh I love your alpacky necklace!!! But the scarflet is better!! It looks so soft and warm.