Monday, September 01, 2008

Keeping Track - August 2008

Wow - didn't August zip by!

So this month wasn't too bad. I did have a little splurge at Rubi + Lana - it's closing down soon and I wanted to try their "home brand" yarn, which comes in the most fabulous colours.
This is Persimmon, a lovely red toned orange, and I also bought some 3ply in the most fabulous cherry red.

And I also wanted to try some Dale Baby Ull - I haven't seen it in any other Australian stores so I thought I'd give it a whirl as well.

And there was a teeny tiny STR order...which I forgot to take a picture of (sorry!)

But all that was before we bought the house, so maybe over the last few months of this year I will actually knit more than I buy in any given month.

As for the knitting, well, my little trip and my work travel meant I didn't quite get as much knitting done as I usually do, but still, not too bad.

In: 17 x 50g balls
Out: 10.5 x 50g balls

YTD: 103.5 x 50g balls. You know, it really doesn't get any easier keeping track every month!! Believe it or not though, it does actually make me think twice about yarn purchases - and there's a whole lot of yarn NOT in my stash because I am thinking a lot more carefully about it now!


Michelle said...

Good for you! Although do you ever go into your stash, see something, and wonder where it came from (because you just can't remember buying it)?

Bells said...

is that like the wine I didn't drink or the chocolate I didn't eat??? he he

You got Dalegarn! You didn't tell me!

MadMad said...

On the handy other hand, a nice, new, bigger house means more storage room...

Sarah said...

Good job you topped up the stash before house buying induced frugality hits - you see what a good forward planner you are :o)

I'm definitely more in than out so far this year despite my best intentions - ah well maybe the big Christmas gift knit push will help!

knittingsprouts said...

Rubi and Lana is closing? I am shattered I visit every time I am in Sydney.

Donna Lee said...

It is hard to be good but you'll be busy decorating the new house and yarn will take a back seat. Right? Or am I missing something?

Carol said...

Gorgeous yarns and well you had to really didn't you? They needed to go to a good home.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering - is there any connection between stash size and necessity of house-moving? ;)