Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thanks all round

Thanks everyone for the lovely comments on yesterday's post. I've been longing to share my story for such a long time. I asked husby how many comments he thought I'd get on the post and he thought about 30! He was truly amazed and touched by everyone's well-wishes (as was I). And to the couple of commenters who have had a similar experience to us, but without the happy ending, we are both so so sorry - it just sucks, as simple as that. Hugs to you all.

I also want to thank Amy, who had the good timing to post a lovely parcel to me which arrived today (with a thump on my front verandah, waking me up from a lovely sleep in!).
Look at the lovely goodies! I had to laugh when I read the card, as Amy had sent me some genuine Rhode Island maple syrup (her home state!) and wrapped it so thoroughly (triple layer huge bubble wrap stuff and a zip lock bag!) to ensure it didn't break or leak! I had a giggle when I opened it! And I am definitely having pancakes for breakfast on Sunday!
And yummy lobster pot dyed yarn (so cool!!) and handmade linen tea towels stamped with autumn leaves from Amy's own backyard! So very cool! Plus a little present for my mum, as she helped out on something I made for Amy's baby girl last year. Thanks Amy, you rock!


Roxie said...

Your openess and honesty has made us all love you. Of course we celebrate with your good news!

Great goodies!

(Verification word: molesses. Lower calorie molasses)

Linda said...

What a lovely parcel! Maple syrup is just the best stuff!

Lynne said...

What a lovely surprise!

michele said...

so happy for you!

MadMad said...

Oh, those are awesome presents! Enjoy!

amy said...

So I guess you're saying I'm not ready to give up the illusion of control? Hmm. Hadn't thought of that connection. ;)

Glad you like them. Enjoy the syrup!! I found a dress today to go with that gorgeous sweater. Now I have to decide if I should save it until Christmas or just dress her in it every chance I get because she'll look so precious!

(PS If I'd have KNOWN about your secret, you know.... as I said, oh shucks, I'll just have to put together another parcel later on!!!)

Bells said...

Oh Amy's a good sort and your story is just the best.

Donna Lee said...

What a great collection of gifties! I like things that mean something.

My daughter's boyfriend loves maple syrup (me not so much) so I buy him a bottle of it whenever I see it. There's a big difference between the real stuff and the stuff they sell in the stores as pancake syrup.

Anonymous said...

I missed your post yesterday because I was on the road back to Melbourne, but I have been dying for you to say something so I could finally do this:


You two are going to be absolutely amazing parents, and I'm so very glad that you're finally able to plan the journey and go for the ride.

I hope all goes well, and that you enjoy Every. Single. Moment. Not that you need telling. ;) Big hugs to the both of you, and all the best! I think I can join the rest of the crew in looking over baby patterns again. ;)

And what a lovely pressie! Real Maple Syrup! You lucky lady!

Alwen said...

I have to second that squeeee!

And add one about your almost-FO from Friday. I love that lace panel. (You are wearing down my sweater resistance - why do I not knit things like this?)