Saturday, October 31, 2009

Day 31

31 days of a post a day...and I've made it! I made a list in the first week of October, a list of blog post ideas - including things I knew I would post about, and ideas just in case I needed them. I'm surprised to report that I haven't really picked up any of the general ideas - even on those days where I really didn't know what I was going to post, something always came up.

And of course I was lucky because this month coincided with my ability to post about a very exciting event (and the ensuing knitting!), as well as a number of knitting buddy get-togethers. I even got into baking again (finally!)

I wasn't sure how I'd feel about blogging at the end of this month, but I have to say I am feeling quite invigorated about posting, after having a bit of a slump for a while. I won't keep up daily posting, but I will try to post at least 3 times a week - I think the key to avoiding the blogging slump, for me anyway, is regular posting!

And I know there'll be some disappointed jacaranda watchers if I don't keep you updated on my tree's progress!!

Thanks so much to everyone who's kept up with my monthlong blogfest and for all your comments - as always, they are much appreciated!

Oh, and Happy Halloween to my US friends!


Bells said...

yeah you can't back out of jacaranda watch. That'd be ripping off the audience!

Susanne said...

I've really enjoyed your month of blogging and will miss the daily catch ups, but I look forward to still seeing what you come up with every week.

Thanks for sharing with us all!

missfee said...

thank you for the great posts - and the great news - I look forward to see how your latest WIP goes

LynS said...

Thanks for the blog-a-day. I've really enjoyed the diversity of the posts. Sometimes seeming to have nothing to blog about results in the most interesting outcomes.

MadMad said...

I do think the key to avoiding the slump is to keep on posting. Once you stop... it's hard to start up again! You did a great job all month! Congrats!

Donna Lee said...

Hard to believe it's the end. I enjoyed the challenge but look forward not to feel the pressure to post every day. It's not a promising looking day for Halloween here. All cloudy and rainy.

roxie said...

Loved the daily posts. And I know in a few months you won't even have time to type, "Exhausted. Need shower-sleep." So remember you have patient and adoring fans, and check in as you can. Knitting, cooking, jacarandas or the incessance of diapers, we want to hear it all.

Lynne said...

Reading all those posts daily has been great fun but it has been hard at times to keep up with all that extra blog activity!

Congratulations on seeing it through and being invigorated at the end!