Thursday, June 02, 2011

StashDownUnder 2011 - May

I have to confess, May was my fall-off-the-wagon month in terms of the StashingDown...more like StashingUp, I'm afraid!  I've already shown off my purchases from the Canberra Woolfest, and I also succombed to the annual WEBS sale - who could resist Cascade220 at $US4.95 when our exchange rate is so good!

So I bought a jumpers worth, in the lovely Mallard colour which Bells picked last year (in our previous annual WEBS splurge, heh!).  I'm thinking this will be the lovely Metro cardigan.

And since it was also on sale, and I've wanted to try it for ages, I bought enough Louet Euroflax sportweight linen (in a lovely purpley eggplant ) for Jordan

Hmmmm, which to knit first...

Fortunately, I also managed to destash a bit of yarn this month (a very rare occurrence for me!) and thanks to Del, I remembered that crochet dish/washcloths are a fabulous stashbuster! I may have crocheted 5 in just a matter of 2 weeks (yay me!).

This month:
Actual balls used: 9.25 x 50g balls used plus 6 destashed
In this month:  33 x 50g balls
8 ply equivalent: 10.5 plus 6 destashed
metres used: 992m

Actual balls used: 36.75 - 33 = 3.75 balls used (yay, still in the black, so to speak!)
8 ply equivalent: 41.5 x 50g
metres used:  4847m


Anonymous said...

we've said it before, sale yarn doesnt count! so you are like WAY in the black. and such good choices too! i love the metro but id probably knit the one i was going to be able to wear by the time id finished it (eg, will it be too warm to wear metro by the time youre done?). but then its easier to knit the c220 know, while its cool. aaagh decisions!

NessaKnits said...

If the yarn looks pretty, it doesn't count. LOL!

Bells said...

i'm so glad you got the mallard! We'll kinda be twins, just in different cities and cardigans!

MadMad said...

Yay for great stash UPS! (If you're gonna do it, I always say, do it right!) I vote for starting with the Jordan, since it's probably quicker, and then you will have the feeling of accomplishment, which is almost as good as the feeling of stashing UP with good yarn! Plus, I LOVE my Jordan.

amy said...

I resisted the 220--even when I saw Purl Soho had it on sale over Memorial Day weekend for less than WEBS, I resisted.

I'm (*coughcough*) working on the fabric stash-up instead. ;)

I love the color blue. I'd knit whatever would make you happiest to work with right now.

2paw said...

It's such a lovely colour, the mallard!!! I always seem to miss the whole WEBS sale, I must be more alert next year!!

sapphireblue said...

It's okay to cave in when it comes to yarn.

LynS said...

You've been so good so far, and these are such wise purchases. I'm very envious of the eggplanty linen - so beautiful.

Louise said...

I did mange to resist the WEBS sale but you got a good deal on your yarn. Maybe I should have looked!

michele said...

i LOVE the color of that linen! what a great choice. and the Jordan is a lovely pattern.

i'll confess i bought something at the WEBS sale too - navy tweed. that sale is too hard to resist.

1funkyknitwit said...

oOoo.. that eggplanty one is delish ! ..will look lovely in Jordon :)
The blue is also nice and will look great in Metro, but I'm rather taken by the eggplant...ahhaha