Tuesday, January 10, 2012

WIPapalooza 2012 - frog or finish?

You will recall I mentioned in my last post that I managed to finish 7 out of 17 pre-2011 WIPS last year.  Sadly, I still had 15 WIPS in total at the start of this year.  So this year presents another Binding Off Challenge! 

Many of those old WIPS I didn't work on at all last year.  So I thought it was time to review those ten pre-2011 WIPS and consider whether I plan to FROG or FINISH them all!  So here we go - feel free to chime in with your opinions on any of them.

First up:

La Digitessa socks (2009 - week of wollmeise!)
I did some work on these last year - let me tell you they are slow going!  Twisted rib and cable twists on almost every round.  I'm dreaded the leg, as at least on the foot I get plain stocking stitch on the bottom!  I am now at the point where I need to start the gusset increases.
Even though they are a slow knit, I do love the pattern and yarn and how they look, so these are a FINISH. Probably not this year though ... I am aiming for one sock this year and hopefully the other sock will only take another year.

Kusha Kusha scarf (2009)
As is often the case with projects for yourself, this one has taken a hit, put aside when other projects need to be knitted more urgently!  I did some work on it last year and I still really like it and it is a FINISH. 
I'm over halfway through the scarf, so I am aiming to get this one done this year.

Giraffe (2010)
This is for Connor - I have the biggest pieces knit, just a couple more legs and features to do, then to FINISH it.
This should be his birthday gift - so needs to be done by May.

Must Have Cardigan (2009)
I was lucky to be given this pattern booklet and still love this cardigan.  But I made several errors when doing the first few cable rows, and I thought I could ignore them, but I cannot.  And I don't have the mind space for a detailed cable pattern right now (especially since I am working from an upsized version of the pattern) and so this is going to be FROGGED. 
I may keep the ribbing, since I will make this cardi some day, just not in the next few years. It depends on whether I decide to use this yarn for a different (easier!) cabled cardi in my queue.

My Tender Comfort (Solas Coamh) (2009)
This was intended to be a pram blanket for Connor but it's clearly too late for that!  And it was too much work to frog.  Nor do I really want to finish it - those crochet cable rows are S L O W going ... so I am planning to CONVERT it.  Perhaps to a cushion cover.  With a nice PLAIN back, heh!
Let me know if you have any other grand ideas for it!

Garbo (2009 - Week of Wollmeise)
Hmmm, I didn't get very far with this one, did I?  I am undecided ... I do still like the pattern, so I think this is a FINISH. 
Just not in 2012.

The Cap Shawl (2009 - Week of Wollmeise)
I love this pattern and it is actually very easy for a lace pattern - primarily a lot of (yo, k2togs) and every second round is a resting round. 
But this one is actually a FROG because I've decided I would prefer a grey Nuvem using this yarn.  I will probably make the Cap Shawl again, but in a different colour.  Quite possibly red (who'd have thunk it?!)

Tantric Puzzle Top (2009 - Week of Wollmeise)
I love this unusual pattern and I think it will work well with the varigation of this yarn (let me tell you, it was quite the challenge choosing a pattern for the yarn in the first place!).  But sadly I can't remember what row I am on (let this be a lesson to people who don't use row counters for their lace and rely on the magnetic board thingys - the magnets don't always stay in the same spot when you don't look at a project for 2 years!!).  I should be able to work it out ... which I suspect makes this project a FINISH. 
And if I can't work it out, then it will probably be a FROG AND REDO!

Laceweight Clapotis (2007 !!!)
In my mad passion for the clapotis pattern, I decided it would be the perfect pattern for this laceweight yarn.  And of course, you guessed it. all that stocking stitch on 3.25mm sticks is quite the slog. The sticks I was using also had an impact on the knitability of this project - I bought a pair of Addi lace needles - it was just after they became available in Australia - but sadly they seemed to tarnish and the surface became rough and not really very pleasant to use. And like the Kusha Kusha scarf, since it is for me, it kept getting put to one side.

So much so, that I couldn't find it when I took the photos of the rest of the WIPS.  I think I know where it is.  If I ever find it, I will FINISH it!

Grrman Stockings (2008)
Knee high socks with an intricate cable down on side and across the foot - what a great idea!  Not!  Actually I do still love these and want to finish them.  I just need to work out how to start the blasted cable.  Oh, and find the WIP.  I suspect if I find the laceweight clappy, I will also find the Grrrman Stockings!

I suspect four or more years in the naughty corner will make this project behave the next time I pick it up to FINISH it.  Which may or may not be in 2012.

So out of 10 old (almost vintage in some cases, heh!) I plan to frog one completely, frog one partially (and possibly completely if I repurpose the yarn), convert one and finish the rest.  And knit the ones I will frog in a different yarn and/or in a few years.  Which I suppose means that while I don't always finish what I start in a timely manner, I do at least (mostly) choose to make things that I really like!


Bells said...

Fascinating! Some of these projects I remember - would you believe I was thinking of your lace clappy about a week ago?!

I can't believe you'll keep some of these. My general rule is if I haven't touched it in a year I never will. Do t ask me about Babette though....

DrK said...

You really do hate frogging don't you? I would be a lot more merciless than that, although I think your decision are mostly the right ones. I like the idea of converting partially knit things to other things, and reclaiming that wollmeise for nuvem is a good idea for you right now I think. I would completely frog that turquoise cable garment tho. You are about as likely as I am to knit yourself something wirh a ribbed bottom. reclaim that gorgeous yarn for one of the few cardigans you have in your queue!

Lynne said...

I remember the beginning of some of those projects and I look forward to sweeing your progress.

Mereknits said...

You are a brave woman posting your WIP. I can't do it. I agree with you on your decisions, not that it is my business or anything, try to finish one a month and by the end of the year you are done!

WildflowerWool said...

All of your wips are great projects. I would have a hard time frogging any of them. Good for you for picking and choosing!

Dorothy said...

Oh dear, what a dilemma. I'm very impressed with the red crochet with the intricate cables. Could it be turned into a cowl? I read once (in one of those organisational books) that if you don't love it or need it, then chuck it. But that does seem a bit harsh doesn't it? Let us know what you decide.

del said...

You are so good for "laying it all out." I'm too scared to do it right now! But all of your projects are so lovely; I have a hard time frogging things and can't imagine doing it to any of your WIPs.

MadMad said...

Wise decisions, all. It's funny how our knitting needs and tastes and availabilities change so much in the course of our knitting, isn't it? I haven't as much time for charts and cable these days (like you, probably) but we always INTEND to get back to them someday. And sometimes we do. I guess that's just how it is. But it's nice to see it happens to other people, too!

LynS said...

If you don't like something any more and are happy to unravel it, do so. Or, if you have an alternative, immediate purpose for the yarn, unravel. But if there is still a possibility of finishing it in the future, what's the problem with leaving it in its current state? You can always unravel later if you change your mind, whereas you might come to regret a hasty decision!

Yarna said...

I have just gone through most of my WIPs and determined their fate (although I'm not brave enough to do it publicly!!). I frogged some immediately and it felt quite liberating! And, of course, now I have many more needle tips and cables than I thought!

amy said...

This is why I rarely have more than two projects going at a time. I just. can't. stand the unfinished things. I put aside a sweater to work on short-deadline baby blankets, and then I just worked on the blankets until they were done. Boring, I know. But there's so much darn clutter around here with three kids. I can't bear having the knitting turn into clutter, too. It's supposed to be my escape. ;)

Sarah said...

I've just been pondering where my oldest WIP (from 2007) is - like you I'm happy to have many WIPS around but there's something in the ait this year that has me pondering some others as well as that Summit I flipped. On your socks - how about what I think of as a very Rose Red treatment one La Digitessa and one complimentary but simpler matchy non matchy?

missfee said...

i'm with Lyn - dont rip unless there is a repurpose ready to go. Although if there is a glaring mistake i'd frog it back

Roxie said...

The ambition and complexity of these projects astounds me! Best of luck with the finishing ( I look forward to the giraffe in particular) and have fun with the frogging.

Gidgetknits said...

All my WIPs just went into hiding in case I get any ideas...

2paw said...

I remember your starting-of-a-thousand-things!!! How nice that on reflection, most of them are still desired projects!!! Finishing in a timely manner is not one of my best skills either!!

Donna Lee said...

If I count cross stitch wip's too, I have some that are well over 10 years old!

I have one and one third of a pair of bayerische socks done. I have decided that while I love the way the pattern looks, I hate knitting it. Every row is a patterned row of cables and twisted stitches. It's hard on the hands. I love the yarn though, so I am going to rip them out, wash it and make some other sock pattern out of it.

I have more wips than I have ever had and it doesn't bother me as much as I thought it would.

Ruby Girl said...

So many UFO's and some very brave decisions, I guess sometimes it is easier to keep knitting them instead of frogging.

Zena said...

I'm so impressed that all of those projects were chosen so well in the first place that years later you still love almost all of them enough to finish them some day!

I really like the idea of coverting the red cabled blankie to a gorgeous cushion and can't wait to see the finished giraffe!

Linda said...

I agree with Dorothy about the cowl idea if the dimensions are not too far off.
I feel so much better after a review of my WIPs and a frogging session if needed. Knitting is my hobby and not my work, so making myself work on something goes against the grain. Following through, though, and having a garment (or toy) that you want is good, so some degree of self discipline is usually needed (for me, anyway).
I think I'll plan a review of my WIP bin this weekend.

Anonymous said...

I'm in awe. A true hare amongst the tortoises and you know who 'won' that 'race'. Your tenacity is truely admirable.

Ann said...

It's always a hard decision to frog a project especially if they are all lovely projects.

1funkyknitwit said...

OMGosh I can't believe that Kusha is still not done...ahahaha worse I can't believe I haven't made one..lol glad that's not a gonna - yummo!
Arghh.. I too have been doing a whole lot of frogging and I'm feeling mighty dandy about it too. I have also finished some too, which I'm yet to blog.
Nice to bring 2012 fresh I think :D