Thursday, December 21, 2006

Crochet edge handkerchief

Earlier this year, while our new laundry was being built (and our old demolished), I took the washing to my mother-in-law's to put through her machine. I have a lot of crochet edge handkerchiefs, some made by me but most given to me by my mum - she doesn't use them and knew I like them so gifted them to me (I know, I know, it's a bit grandma-ish, but I like them - dainty and elegant, I think). My mil loved them and said all she wanted for Christmas was a handkerchief of her own (we didn't listen - there are other gifts too!)

But how could I disappoint her?

I used an Irish linen handkerchief, I'm not entirely sure but I may have actually purchased this in Ireland! They really are the best handkerchiefs!


Thread: DMC number 20 crochet cotton, white

Hook: 1.25mm steel hook, well-used - I think I need a new one

Pattern: Myart edge 125 from Myart's Crochet Edge Designs, Book 2 - it's a nice easy one, very quick as it is mostly chain loops - not too fussy or big, but big enough to be noticed!

Time: 13 December - 19 December


Donna said...

You've done a beautiful job! I'm sure she'll love it.

Anonymous said...

How lovely! And not at all grandma-ish...I love dainty things like this.

Little jenny wren said...

They look beautiful. I love good hankies too but I don't have many with a crocheted edge.

Jo said...

Those hankies are very pretty. I'm sure your m-i-l will love them!!!

Nora said...

Beautiful - dainty and elegant. x

jacqui said...

They are lovely. I wish I could crochet!

catsmum said...

do you realise how LUCKY you are to have a MIL [ well any in-law really ] who appreciates hand made ?
The family I married into 30 yrs ago believes money is the best present so therefore I must be really really poor because I'm the weirdo that makes stuff. They certainly don't get the fact that often the supplies alone cost as much as the present I would've bought.
I gave up wasting my time and energy on them a LONG time ago.

Stephanie said...

What a wonderful gift --- what a lucky Mother-In-Law!

Nice work!

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