Wednesday, December 20, 2006


With 5 more days to Christmas, I'm feeling slightly strained about my Christmas projects. Here's where I'm at:
  • Beanie for nephew T - done
  • Cushion for nephew L - done
  • Crochet edge handkerchief for mother-in-law - done (photos tomorrow!)
  • Beanie for nephew C - 10%
  • Husby's secret socks - 75% done
  • Odd socks for brother A - 65% done
  • Crochet bag for mum - 20% done
  • Cushion for niece S - 95% done

Ok, now I'm feeling quite a bit more stressed...the plan is to sew up the cushion tonight and work away on the rest in between wrapping presents, finishing Christmas shopping, writing the last few Christmas cards and some more baking. The 6 hour drive to my mum's on Sunday will be vital finishing time as well!!! And if worse comes to worse, Husby and brother A will get their unfinished socks on the sticks!!


Jo said...

Wow!!! You've managed to get a lot done. And not too much to still do...

I'm sending 'fast knitting' vibes your way!!!

Anonymous said...

You've done a lot...way more than I tried to do (because I couldn't stand the pressure). Good luck in finishing!

Michelle said...

You'll make it! Knit like the wind!