Monday, December 11, 2006

It's baking Monday!

Yet again - my baking exploits for the weekend - I had a Christmas party on Saturday night and (apparently) offered to make chocolate macaroon thingys. Lucky I was reminded of this during the week or it would not have been done.

Quite frankly, better that it hadn't been done.

So far, so good (painstakingly piped by hand when really I should have just dropped the mix using a spoon, for all the good the piping with the fancy nozzle did!):
But getting them off the baking sheet - not so much. Out of 32 potential rounds, I managed to get 21 off the sheet in one piece. The rest just stuck or split.

Second round, not so much good:
Thought maybe baking paper might make it easier to remove the rounds (which, by the way, turned out better than the first lot, in looks anyway). Heh. See how those upside down ones have a white base. Yeah. That's the baking paper. Stuck firmly to each one. So, all 20 or so of this lot in the bin.

So after much cursing effort, I ended up with 10 macaroon thingys (sandwiched with chocolatey goodness). At least they tasted gooooood.
And I can safely say I will never be making this recipe again!


catsmum said...

do you mean to say that you didn't eat the 'stuck to the baking paper' ones right off the paper yourself?

Anonymous said...

They look good, though!