Monday, February 11, 2008

Odds and Ends

Thank you so much to everyone who commented on my last post - your comments and thoughts and hugs mean so so much to me.

Thought I'd quickly post these - I got in a bit of a dishcloth mood before Christmas and it continued into January - partly because it was too hot to knit anything with wool in it (or at least, it seemed like it!) and because I felt the need for some instant gratification knits.

So a couple of dishcloths - both using stash (hurrah!) and both new methods or patterns for me.

Feather & fan:
Mitred Square:I even had a rare-for-me frogging experience. I started a ballband dishcloth the variegated yarn (Peaches n Cream in Flair) and the plain purple, and it just looked ugh. The colours didn't work together at all. So I frogged, and did the F&F instead. Don't ask me why I thought the colors would work in the mitred square though. I think I was at the stage where "it's just a dishcloth" so it didn't matter!

More yarn for me! This time, not a purchase (whew!). I was lucky enough to win The Knittery's January giveaway! Hurrah! In case you don't know, lovely Daphne gives a skein of yarn each month, with the recipient chosen randomly those who post Knittery FO's to the flickr or Ravelry Knittery group! I very quickly chose a skein of the Merino Slim sock yarn in Bloody Mary, and Daphne even more quickly posted it out to me.
Divine! With a sheen and drape like silk but all merino (well, some nylon too, as you'd expect with sock yarn!). I'm thinking about making elbow length gloves (possibly fingerless...). Will see!
Do yourself a favour and buy some!


Sarah said...

Ooh those gloves would be soooo sophisticated!

Bells said...

Dishclothy goodness! I love the mitred square one - what a great way to use up smaller amounts of yarn. I must try it!

Oh those gloves....they will be a work of art!

TinkingBell said...

Love the dishcloths - but love the yarn more! Will post the nutkins when I finish them! I can imagin you with gloves - to match a gorgeous pair of shoes!!

Em said...

I love the idea of gloves! They look so elegant and ladylike. The yarn is fabulous, and how great that you won the contest!

I'm loving the dishcloths, I've gotta cast one on soon.

MadMad said...

Oh, how funny! I just posted to Bells that that is what I was going to do with MY Knittery yarn! I have a gorgeous Yarnissima pattern. Tehri, I think it's called. Your skein would make a beautiful pair!

Alwen said...

What a gorgeous red, just like a cardinal. It was white outside my windows all day, so I've been browsing for bits of color.

Carson said...

I like the look of that mitred square, and that Knittery yarn! Nice.
About the over-zealous pillowing? Couldn't agree with you's pillow abuse!

kgirl said...

hey, that mitred dishcloth looks awesome! (well, they both do, but in particular...)

Bloody Mary is going to be FABULOUS as those long gloves, too! I have that book, isn't it divine? I'm such a sucker for good styling when it comes to books :)

Queen of the froggers said...

That yarn would look fab as those gloves. What pattern book are they in?

Anonymous said...

Lucky you! I love the glove pattern--I think they'd be incredibly elegant.

And lovely dishcloths! I always do plain, but your pretty ones are so much nicer.

Ann said...

The dishcloths are lovely. I enjoy knitting dishcloths too as they are so quick to knit & I love using them. The color of your yarn is gorgeous - love it.

Snoozen said...

The dishcloths look great. What sort of wool do you use for dishcloths?

The wool colour looks lovely and great for winter, can't wait to see what you make with it.