Sunday, February 03, 2008

Tomorrow and Today

Oooh, tomorrow...back to work after 6 weeks off (sob). Best not to think about it - will focus on something better - today, and more specifically, who makes my day!

I've been honoured in the last couple of days by Del, Lilypily,and Rachael with the "You make my Day" award and Rhiannon with the "Spread the Love" award (my, it's a wonder my head still fits through the door!). I love this thing about blogging - these awards (Nice Matters, Rockin' Girl Blogger, You make my Day, Spread the Love and so on) are like random acts of kindness. You start out blogging, maybe you've been reading a bunch of blogs already and feel inspired to start your own. You join some blogrings, you comment on people's blogs, they comment on yours, other people comment on yours, you find new blogs through the blogs you already like and you build up a little community of blog friends, some of whom you are lucky enough to be able to meet in real life as well (it's a story I've told before, I know).

And then these awards (you like me, you really like me!) (I know, you probably need to be "of a certain age" to get that reference! And I even misquoted it!) come along and it's like the icing on the cake (and don't even get me started on the generosity of bloggers in relation to giveaways and charitable works). Completely unexpected and so lovely to be thought of in this context.

Thank you so much for these awards - it really made my day (or more correctly, my week!). Now I'm supposed to nominate 10 bloggers in return. And it's hard, almost too hard. Firstly, right back at each of you for thinking of me. And then to everyone else whose blog I read (and most particularly the ones I comment on) and to everyone who comments here - each comment makes my day, and each time your blog is highlighted in Bloglines makes my day - and believe me, I check both my blog and Bloglines a lot because I so love reading your posts and comments!

Finally, I wanted to give a shout out to some blogs which I am relatively new to reading. I've only picked up a small number of blogs in the last couple of months - I already had over 130 in my Bloglines as it was! But looking at these awards and clicking through the links to new blogs reminds me it is worth checking out new ones more often, because it really is a great world out there full of great people.

So in no particular order, some of my more recent additions include:

All Fingers and Thumbs
1 More Row
We are all Mad Here (love this blog title!!)
The Joy of Sox (ditto!)
A Room of My Own
Lily Potter Knits
Wouldn't Shoe (because really, why wouldn't shoe!)

So spread the love, tell those around you (in blogworld or in real life) that they make your day. It's worth it.


Snoozen said...

Have a great day back at work tomorrow. E starts back at ballet and school this week. I will miss her.

It is great that blogging has become such an important part of your being, it is so important to recognise and appreciate those around us, even for the little things. Congratulations on your awards!

In recognition I have returned to blogging again, I also love the joy and community that blogging can bring even though my community is way smaller.

Sarah said...

Aww I was coming by to say a big thanks for the advice with the toe up sock - cracked that heel this morning so you made my day that way and your lovely post has just added to that warm glow :o)

You express very well the joy I feel about this blogging thing.

Hope work isn't too much of a shock to the system tomorrow!

kim said...

Six weeks? Is that standard? Okay, that's it. I want to come live there!

Congrats on the award! And thank you for the links to other great bloggers.

MadMad said...

Oh, congrats! I can't wait to meet some of the ones you picked! And good luck tomorrow... !

kms said...

hehe, thats so funny, i was just thinking about how i have so many blogs in my sidebar now from following other peoples links i dont have time to read and comment everyday, and here you go and add more i need to check out. why cant THAT be a full time job? so sorry to hear about the return to work....

Bells said...

Very nicely done. A lovely way to give nods. You chose some excellent recipients!

Queen of the froggers said...

You certainly deserve that award and express yourself far better about blogging than I do! Hope work isn't too daunting, I have trouble going back after a weekend let alone 6 weeks!!

Nora said...

I thought of you this morning. I can imagine how I'll feel when uni starts next month!

[Love the post title.]

Nellie said...

Thanks for mentioning my blog Rose Red! Being new to blogging its always a surprise and a joy to 'meet' people with the same interests (and cat's names), particularly when you realise there is probably no other way on earth you ever would have met. So thanks for being so welcoming, thanks to you and Bells for running Southern Summer of Socks.

TinkingBell said...

OOOOOhh the stash thing - I hurled myself gaily off the wagon in Jan and will try to crawl back on it this month - here's hoping!

Em said...

Oh, bugger, blogger just ate my comment. It was witty, gracious, and charming, though, I assure you. ;)

Thanks so much for mentioning my blog. I'm glad to know you like reading it--and to be one of over 130! I feel honored.

Blogging has made the world seem smaller and homier, hasn't it? It's so great to be able to meet people that, as nellie says, we otherwise would never have known.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hee hee, I absolutely got that "you like me" reference (which must make me really old, lol).

Thanks for providing new knitting blogs for me to check out!