Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Day in My Life: 14 October

A bit late posting - I'm trying to cut down, just a fraction, on my internet time - it's not easy though!! I miss catching up on everyone's posts and ravelry and so on!

So, here's my day, yesterday, Tuesday 14 October 2008 - a work day, so no pics (sorry about that!):

Too early - woken by Nelly meowling. Fortunately am able to go back to sleep.

6am - alarm! A bit earlier than usual. Husby up first and into the shower, as is our usual habit. I stagger in to the shower a bit later.

6.45am - Quickly tidy the house and make the bed - we're selling our house and you never know when a prospective buyer might want to inspect - so the house is neat all the time (that takes quite a bit of work!)

7.05am - we're catching the bus to work today, we haven't done that together for a long time - it was quite nice to walk to the bus stop and catch the bus like we used to. We even get a seat together and after I've done the daily sudoku I catch up on the news (well, the gossipy stuff anyway, I really don't want to read about the economy).

8am - At my desk, log on to my computer and read some blogs while having breakfast. Also do a quick SHOESday post.

9am - Catch up with my workmates and then sit down and plan my day, then start the day's work - I have to prepare a presentation for my team, line up a couple of workshops I'm presenting, including arranging some people to come along and speak at it.

11.30am - Stomach rumbling! I go downstairs for a coffee (something I don't usually do mid-morning) and a yummy orange cake from the coffee stall. They do the best orange cakes! I have my coffee while reviewing and marking up a draft handbook for junior staff.

1pm - it's miserable rainy weather so I pfaff around for a while hoping it will clear up a bit before I go out to get my lunch. But it's not clearing, so I head out anyway and pick up a very nice pad thai from the foodcourt next door.

More work and then it's coffee time! (always said to the tune of "Hammer Time"). Head out with a workmate, grab coffee and back to my desk.

3.50pm - remember I need to make a very large yarn order (a bit for me, a lot for others) - do so online and am amazed at the final total!! eep!

5.50pm - head out to the bus stop, on the bus and home. Knit on the bus and listen to a podcast (Stash and Burn - I'm almost caught up to the current episode!).

6.45pm - home. Put on a load of washing (since I was a bit naughty and didn't do any on the weekend!). I'm home alone as husby is interstate for work, so I sit down and knit.

11.30pm - I'm still knitting! I very lazily had spaghetti for dinner, and banana with custard for dessert, at around 8.30pm, but the rest of the night was all knitting and watching trashy tv. My idea of heaven!


Bells said...

Oh, yes, my idea of heaven too. I wish Sean would go away for work once in a while!!! cake. I like the sound of that.

TLCknits said...

NICE! love me some 'alone' knitting time!

Anonymous said...

Oh that sounds like a nice day with a very happy ending!!! The school canteen never had anything as nice as your stall!!!

Alesha said...

I enjoy reading your blog so much! Especially SHOESdays!!! :-) I live vicariously thru your shoe collection, since I am all about comfort with my own! lol!


Anonymous said...

Knitting & trashy! I'm glad it's not just me.

DrK said...

what a perfect end to the day! makes it all worthwhile.

Lynne said...

It would be heaven for me too - with Chinese instead of spaghetti! LOL

Lea said...

I don't want to admit how many nights lately I have found myself still knitting at 11.30 to some dreadfully trashy crime show!

Sarah said...

Definitely a great end to the day

MadMad said...

I remember the days of keeping a house neat while trying to sell it: AWFUL! Kids made it even more fun. I'd walk around all day yelling, NOOOO! You CAN'T play with your toys! NOOOOOO! You can't touch that! Go. Watch. TV.

Hm. It's possible THAT is the root of their little problem...

Michele said...

it sounds like a great day all the way through. the bus ride together in the morning is cute.