Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Day in My Life: Wednesday 14 January 2009

Yes, it's that time again - time to record a snapshot of my day. No photos I'm afraid, so I'll have to try and be very descriptive. Or very short!

I woke from a very deep sleep (I love it when I sleep like a log - well, who doesn't!). Showered and dressed in time for my brother (who is staying with us for a couple of weeks for work) could drive us up the hill to the train station. Now, I do love my new house, but the 10-15 minute walk each morning up the hill to the train is a killer. Especially in summer.

We got a seat together - the train is getting fuller every day, as people go back to work. Got into work, checked blogs while eating breakfast and having my morning coffee. Checked in with my workmates and caught up on emails from yesterday (as I had the day off).

Lunchtime rolled around and I'd promised my brother I'd see if I could find a Nintendo DS for his son, who has saved all his money but can't buy one anywhere! Well, neither could I - 3 of the biggest stores in Sydney and I couldn't get one. Oh well, the waiting will make it all the sweeter for him, I guess! I did have more success with my other lunchtime errand, a gift for a workmate going on parental leave next week. Although I was amazed how difficult it is to buy non-gender specific baby clothes! They are almost all pink and/or pretty, or blue and/or boysy.

Back to work, sushi rolls at my desk for a late lunch and afternoon coffee at 3pm - regular as clockwork! The guy at the coffee stall knows my order without me even asking. I might have also snuck an orange cake at the same time (they have the best orange cakes!)

Off back to the station for the train home - plenty of seats this time, as the train terminates only a couple of stations up the line from my home station. A hot walk home (at least it's downhill on the way home), change out of my work clothes and flop on the lounge to cool down. Almost too hot to knit, but I manage a few rows of my latest project, a knitted market bag in soya yarn - very interesting to knit with.

Too hot to cook so husby picked up a roast chicken and salad on his way home. To our surprise (and pleasure), he also bought ice-creams for dessert! Followed by a cup of tea and the last of the home-made choc chip biscuits, and soon, off to bed. Hope you had a good day!


Lin said...

I hope you find a DS. we had the same problem last year and ended up getting one from ebay from Hong Kong, which was cheaper and great!
I loved the chickens fron Aus, we used to have one on a Friday for a treat, with all the lovely salad ... don't get the chicken shops here.

amy said...

My Wednesday the 14th is just starting. I'll let you know how it goes. :)

Alwen said...

So is mine (just starting). So far it's stingingly cold (8 F, -13 C)!

MadMad said...

Too hot to knit? Never heard of such a thing!

Bells said...

So next month, can you please remind me to do this? I have forgotten about three months in a row.

Sean bough us icecreams for dessert too! What did you have? We have vanilla bean magnums.

And one of my least favourite things about shopping for baby girls is the impossiblity (almost) of finding stuff that isn't pink and girlie.

knitting sprouts said...

so hot the wool sticks to your fingers rather than gliding through - too hot to knit. even our ancient air conditioner couldn't make knitting temperature.

and don't get me started on baby/kids clothes! why is it that all boys clothes that don't make them look like thugs cost a fortune at a designer shop? Now that we are out of toddler clothes it is worse.

Miss Fi said...

Poor you walking UP the hill in this heat. Supposed to be 40C today so I expect your walk wouldn't have been any easier today

Jan said...

Pretty hilly up the line a bit too! And certainly hot for knitting, even my lace for Bells' lacy summer. it was 36 up here today, much hotter than it usually gets as we get the wind from river valley coming up the hill.

Em said...

Mmmmm, heat! I know, sacrilege, but it's going to be about four degrees here tonight. And it's supposed to snow again. Not enough to be fun, just enough to freeze solid on the car for tomorrow. It sounds like your day was rather nice, good luck with the Nintendo DS. Would any of the electronics chain stores in the US ship to you, do you think? You might be able to order one online.