Sunday, January 04, 2009

What's new, pussycat?

So what's new? New year, new house, new internet connection (finally!), new yarn, new resolutions? (ok, maybe not new resolutions - but I'll get to that later!) and new knitting moleskine diary (that's the old one on the right, below)!

(love a new diary - the wonderous possibilities it holds!)

First up, the last stash honesty for 2008.

Man, I thought I was bad in November. December I was really really bad (like the little girl with the curl in the middle of her forehead!). While I did receive some gift yarn and some of the yarn I bought was for gifts I have to make, that doesn't explain most of it. But there's no putting it off, so here it is:

In: 52 x 50g balls
Out: 11.5 x 50g balls

YTD: 207 x 50g balls. Even though I've knitted up (or given away) 116 x 50g balls (or thereabouts) in 2008, I've still got over 200 more balls of yarn than this time last year. I only had one month last year when more yarn went out than went in. Now, I'm not going to say I'm going on a stash diet. I don't believe in diets (stash or otherwise). But I am going to try and stash healthily. I'll maintain my monthly tally system, with a few changes, and think twice, or even three times, about each yarn purchase.

So that's my first aim for 2008 (yes, aim - not resolution!). I looked back on my entry from last year, and stashbusting was my first one! Well, you already know how I went on that front. Although I have to say that I did knit a lot from stash - most of the purchases were not immediately knit up. Which says to me that I didn't really need the yarn, I just wanted it.

Next on my list from last year was to be more like my blog persona in real life. I feel like I did ok on that one. It's a work in progress! And finally, to set monthly goals. Which I did (and will continue to do). So yay me! I did ok!

More and more I've become a believer in karma. And like others, who've decided to have a one-word aim or goal (whatever you want to call it), that's going to be my second (and main) aim for 2009. In it's most simple form, for me it means good things out mean good things in. Good things are good for me, and good for everyone else too (well, at least, I hope so!)

Now, onto the new house!

I've been keen to show off the new house, but the whole shortage of internet has been preventing me. Not to mention not having actually finished unpacking everything. It's nearly done, promise, so I'll give you the full tour (well, I'll spare you the second toilet and similar!) later. For now, I'll leave you with one of my favourite rooms.

I'm sure you can see why we had to buy this house!! Of course, the room wasn't red when we bought it, but that was my plan all along!

We just have to get curtains, hang the pictures and have the fireplace (yes, it's a real one) checked to see if it is in working order, and this room is done!


Anonymous said...

Oh, it looks so beautiful and elegant! Not every room could take the red, but it looks perfect here.

I love reading about your stash by the way, it makes me giggle how it almost sounds as if the yarn arrives without your knowing how it got there! (Also makes me feel better about my own...)

I look forward to seeing more of the house!

Bells said...

200 more than this time last year? Whoa. You are very bad but would we have you any other way? I don't think so.

You are funny and lovely on your blog and in real life, so I think you do very well!

Oh my. How I love what you've done with that room. How's tuesday for you? I think we will be there then.....but will confirm ASAP.

m1k1 said...

How beautiful it looks, with the shawl draped casually over the chaise longue, and all.
Does your wool have its own suite?
Happy new year.

Twisted Knitter said...

Beautiful room! You're right, it needed to be red. :-)

Happy New Year! I love your philosophy about stash and I'm excited to see how your "good things" shape up for 2009.

Caffeine Girl said...

I am bowled over by the one room -- can't wait to see the rest. If you weren't on the other side of the world, I'd beg you to come jazz up my house.

And thanks for making me feel almost virtuous about my stash.


amy said...

Ditto on the stash. I feel a lot less crazy about the 20 skeins I just bought. That's a mere 10% of your yearly intake. :)

I believe in karma, too. I've seen it go both ways, actually. What you put out there definitely comes back to you. It's not all that different from the simple lesson I try to impart to my kids (with varying success, but they're young): Treat other people the way you want to be treated.

And I agree with caffeine girl, if you're ever in New England, feel free to do something with my house. :)

Shazmina Bendi said...

I love the house, beautiful! And the diary! i cant decide whether to get red again or black? Decisions, decisions!!

Lynne said...

Sticking to a one-word theme: Tasteful! [Your diary and your living room.]

sweetp said...

Well who would have guessed a red diary lol. Your new house looks lovely, I love the windows. Enjoy making the place your own xx

amanda j said...

Your house is absolutely gorgeous!

Don't think of it as stash, it could double as insulation.

MadMad said...

OK, I have to come back when I can enjoy this; the family started making demands mid-read. I will say, though, that when I noticed there were pics, I called my son over to see, (since he had liked the outside picture) and he said, "WHOA - that is awesome!" OK. I'll be right back.

LynS said...

Snap! I have exactly the same red moleskine diary. After years of never being able to find my black diary in the bottom of black handbags, I've made the switch to red. Problem solved. Love the stained glass squares in our windows.

MadMad said...

Oh, it is gorgeous! The color you chose is perfect - and what fabulous windows. Look how high the ceilings are! Wow. And is that a window seat? DUDE! Did you get the best house ever or what?!

kms said...

the room looks even more stunning finished, if that were possible. so glad you are starting to settle in. i intend to do a lot of stash enhancement this year. you are my role model in this endeavour (imagine me bowing and chanting 'we're not worthy') :)

Anonymous said...

The room is elegantly beautiful. I can see you sitting in front of that fire place in winter happily knitting all snug and cosy. Love the new Moleskin too. Wonderful wonderful books. :)

Nora said...

Lovely, warm and inviting.

The stash? All I can say is: YOU ARE THE GREATEST!! [Yes, I'm shouting - in a good way.]

Donna Lee said...

I am a firm believer in karma. I have a concept I think of as the "karma bank". As long as my deposits outweigh my withdrawals, I think I'm ok.

Michele said...

yes - so elegant. i'm amazed at how you do this with rooms. you make them elegant and cozy at the same time. it's gift you have i think.

TinkingBell said...

Oh beautiful - and so you as I imagine you!

Happy new year

I think the stash honesty is great (notice how I stopped practising it in ooooo August or so) - I think I'll go for mindful purchases (although I haven't bought any yarn this year - although I did end up buying a pair of red shoes on sale...) and rely on Karma and most of my resolutions sort of involved `a little less' and `a little more' rather than big stuff - knit more, eat less, exercise more knit more.Happy New Year Rosered

Gidgetknits said...

I sort of want to move into your house now...

I guess that'd be out of the question, right?