Friday, September 02, 2011

StashDownUnder - August 2011

Yet another month goes by ... with a little yarn in, and a little bit more yarn out.

First, the ins.  I had some yarn leftover from my Lanesplitter Skirt.  So I did the honourable thing, and returned it to the shop.  I exchanged it, of course!!  Heh heh.  And I decided I'd get enough yarn for a cute little stripey cardi for Connor, which meant I had to buy a couple of extra balls as well, to ensure I'd have enough.
Sorry about crappy flash photo!  Red, charcoal grey and silvery grey
And while I was there I might have picked up a nice ball of red heathered yarn for my Beekeeper Quilt (yes, I must bee crazy, buying yarn for it when I have so much already!).  And some of my lovely knitting buddies also donated some leftover red yarn to me already, so I've counted that too.
This month:
In:  5 x 50g balls
Actual balls used: 8.5 x 50g balls
8ply equivalent:  12 x 50g balls (lots of 4ply knitting this month!)
Total metres used:  1070m

Year to date:
Actual balls used:  -16.25 x 50g balls (gah, still behind!!)
8ply equivalent:  72.5 x 50g balls
metres used:  7863m

I left you last month with a flash of two yarns I was planning on using in a new project.  Well, here it is!
(again with small hand for scale!  This is partly why I am posting less!  so much harder to do photo shoots now!)

I think I shall be able to wear this as a fluro safety shawl, heh!


MadMad said...

Good for you, returning unused yarn! I always end up keeping it, and then have all these crazy odds and ends that I can never use...

Hey - I'm watching Housewife, 49 even as we "speak," btw. It's pretty good.

Hey, again (and I hesitate to bring this up...) did you see the crochet version of the beekeeper quilt? Saw it today and thought of you...

and lastly.... fluro safety shawl? Whazzat?

Lynne said...

So much more challenging to do more than just photo shoots! I have DD and the Grandboys here. With the routines and antics of the two boys, we aren't anywhere near as productive as we might otherwise be. But it wouldn't be so much fun either! ;-)

Gidgetknits said...

Oh, but I like the little hand photobombing the WIP shots! And I love the flashiness.

Anonymous said...

i think we need a special stash clause: red yarn also does not count :) love how the stripe study is coming along, and that paddington yarn is my favourite of theirs i think. the little hand shows how much it is appreciating nice wool, i think.

bells said...

the hand for scale! I love it! I want a stripe study shawl!

I haven't seen the paddington. I need to spend some time in M&S to get to know what else they have!

missfee said...

Great idea swapping the yarn over - love the red and the colours for Conner

Thank you to Connor as well for giving us an idea of scale of the next lovely shawl

2paw said...

I love all the little hands!! Now I have an ear worm, where you are doing the Safety (Shawl) Dance!! That was a clever idea to swap the wool to make a new thing!! I think there is nothing wrong with being obsessed with your BeeKeeper Quilt!!

mooncalf said...

Yay - good for you! I've come to believe that "a little yarn in, and a little bit more yarn out" is the only way I'm ever going to get my stash down.

roxie said...

Photoshoots with babies are always more appealing!

I love the safety shawl!!

Rock the beekeeper!

kgirlknits said...

nearly fell over at the returning of yarn! then I saw the exchange part...hehe ;)

and I still think you're nutty for attempting that beekeepers quilt (but it will be STUNNING, I'm sure!)

Alwen said...

What a cute little hand! It's so hard to believe that this long-fingered 12-year-old once had those same cute little chubby paws! The time really does go fast.