Friday, July 27, 2007

A quiet day

I've been feeling a bit flat at work this week and don't have much to report knitting-wise after the high of finishing Trellis, which will be gifted tonight - if it ever dries! I washed it again on Wednesday night and it is now Friday morning and it is still not dry! I have it hanging in the meagre sunlight from my desk window at work, so hopefully it will dry ok today. Will try and get a picture of my nephew wearing it, I think he will still be up by the time we get there tonight after work. His mum will also get her socks! Surprises all round!

Before I sign off, a bit shout-out to a special someone (you know who you are!) - I'll be thinking of you today!


Bells said...

It's great to be on the brink of giving things to people we love. A wonderful thing to do.

And thanks.. :-)

Jejune said...

Frustrating when things take so long to dry, isn't it... where's a desert when you need one? I'm sure your gifts will be greeted with Extreme Gratitude (at this point I'm tempted to add 'OR ELSE', but that would be crass).

Hope you have a better day today :)

Snoozen said...

Hey RR, Just look at that gorgeous trellis cardi and that should bring a smile to your face. I had been going to suggest that you go outside and feel the sun on your face. But today weather wise is not a good day for that. I saw your yummy white bread in your mouthfuls of heaven site so when I was out with the girls this morning I thought I must have some...the influence you have on peoples lives!

Donna Lee said...

Trellis is a beautiful pattern. That is something that can be passed down and extra loved because it was knitted with love.

Anonymous said...

I hope it dries in time. Regardless, that is such a great gift. Have a great weekend!