Monday, July 30, 2007

Scavenger Hunt

To celebrate her birthday, Jody decided to have a scavenger hunt - here is my entry -I didn't quite get everything, but am pleased to note that some things I've got twice in the same pic! Woo hoo! Does that earn double points or what!!

Here we go:

1. Birthday cake - this is actually my birthday cake from last year - and, guess what, is also #10 - a non-knit thing I made! Oh, and a close second for #5 - favourite food - chocolate pavlova with chocolate cream and raspberries on top. Oh my goodness, it is a mouthful of heaven!
2. Wildlife - heh - this is about as wild as it gets around here!! Nelly, snoozing on the back of the lounge.3. Knitting in a local tourist spot - I know I'm not actually knitting, but it was a bit hard to knit and take a picture of myself at the same time (I felt weird enough taking a picture of my knitting in front of the Sydney Opera House as it was!!) This is my sockapalooza sock.4. A delivery truck - to tell the truth, I completely forgot about this as I was wondering around at lunchtime taking the city shots. My first miss!

5. Your favorite food - I know this doesn't look great, but it is my favourite winter warmer meal - shepherd's pie (although as I used beef mince, I think that makes it cottage pie...not to worry, no need to split hairs!). Lots of veges as well, and sweet potato mash on top! Yum! Oh, and #10 - I made it myself!
6. Street art - not sure if this qualifies as true street art, as I'm sure this piece was commissioned and paid for, but I thought this was really good - very lifelike and historical (it is painted on the side of a building, to represent what it would have looked like in 1901 - it is in The Rocks area of Sydney - those people you can see in the picture are painted! How cool!7. Obnoxious looking yarn - this is the only obnoxious yarn in my house - bought as part of a lot from eBay, with some much nicer yarn. I know this doesn't even look like yarn, but trust me, it is. At least it is red (like that is any consolation!)8. A bowling pin - this was on every scavenger hunt I ever did so I had to include it.
Yep, I lucked out on this one. I thought about drawing one and taking a picture of it, but that seemed a bit of a cheat!

9. An amusement park attraction - it's a bit hard to see, but under the bridge (yes, the Sydney Harbour Bridge) is an amusement park called Luna Park - you can see the smiling face at the entry, and the ferris wheel behind. And I think this pic also qualifies at #12 - water not in a glass!
10. A non-knit thing you made - crochet panda bear which I made about 5 years ago. It was intended for one of my best friends, who was having a baby, but the baby was born about 3 years before I finished it!! And a confession - my mum did the embroidered eyes, nose and mouth! And if my submission for #2 (wildlife) doesn't count, does this instead? Even though it is in captivity...11. Stash - and this isn't all of it! This is just the messiest part. Although you will notice all yarn is in ziplock bags, as per the Rose Red Standard of Stash Systemisation!12. Water not in a glass - more of Sydney Harbour, this time with a Manly ferry as well. And the building I work in (the tallest one to the left).

Happy Birthday Jody - hope you enjoyed this peek into my world!!


TinkingBell said...

How fun is that!
Half those things couldn't be done round here (an amusement park ride?) Not unless you stretch the definintion to include local donkeys - or pigs!

Bells said...

GREAT post! I love it. Glad we got to see the messier side of your stash. I feel better knowing you're not AS perfect as your other posts made you seem! :-)

That panda is so cute!

And that cake!!! OMG. I bow down. I am not worthy.

MadMad said...

Love the post! And the cake! And the office building - now I really can stalk you - I know where you work!

Anonymous said...

Love your list. I would not be able to put all those photos together. I like looking into your world and I would love to taste your cake. Never heard of that.

Queen of the froggers said...

Lovely to see pictures of Sydney!

Snoozen said...

RR, I remember that cake with great tummy yummy memories. Very cute Panda. It made me want to smile everytime I looked at the Panda as it seemed to be smiling back!

Tanya said...

Oh what fun!!! That red yarn is truly obnoxious, isn't it? lol But that cake! 8-0 Wow!!

Jejune said...

That's a fun idea! OMFG that cake - I want - no - I NEED it! Very cool mural, I love that sort of public art.

Kathleen said...

Lovely trip back to Sydney through your eyes. Miss it heaps. The cake looked delish! Yum! Take care.

Donna Lee said...

What a great scavenger hunt entry. I loved the mural. I work in Philadelphia and the city has tons of city funded murals that they sponsor local folks to paint. They usually reflect the neighborhood they're in. I love the fact that you can be walking along and suddenly there is a large painting there.

Anonymous said...

Love it!! Especially all that organized stash, LOL. And WOW, what a cake.