Monday, September 24, 2007

Southern Summer of Socks - Personal Challenge

We've got lots of sign-ups for Southern Summer of Socks (it's not too late to join, if you want - a very relaxed sock KAL with next-to-no rules, some competitions, and a bit of fun!)

While I hate knitting to a deadline and like to be a bit flexible with what I'm going to make, I do find that it can help to have a goal or target in mind, every so often anyway. Starting this KAL is therefore the perfect time to set myself a bit of a personal sock challenge (more about personal challenges on the SSS blog).

My Personal Challenge

1. Try sock knitting with:
(a) a 30cm circular needle (one of those teeny tiny Addis)
(b) two circs
(c) magic loop

2. Try toe-up sock knitting

3. Knit at least one sock pattern from each of my sock pattern books (or at least, the ones I haven't yet used, despite the constant flipping through them.

4. Use as much of all the lovely gift yarn I've received over the past few months as possible.

My reward
To make it more interesting, I am going to give myself a reward if I achieve these challenges during the period of SSS (6 months - should be plenty of time!). Apart from a feeling of personal satisfaction (which should really be enough...but you know, an actual prize makes it more real!!), I will reward myself with (hmmm, so many choices!) either Socks That Rock sock yarn (which I've never used or even smooshed against my face as you do when faced with new and exciting yarn) or a copy of More Sensational Knitted Socks.

What's your personal sock challenge?


Bells said...

Oh! Fabulous list. i will write mine today. And I like the idea of an incentive, very much. I have never used STR either so if we both achieve our goals, we can do a double order!

Nora said...

You'll love the 30cm circ - promise!

I've never really thought about setting myself a challenge. Maybe knitting a pair on my honeymoon... :)

Ann said...

Thanks for organising this KAL. I am so excited as I love knitting socks. I am going to make my list & one of my challenge is to knit a pair of fair isle socks!

kms said...

hmmm good challenges. i think i will be joining you on the circ/magic loop one at least!

Queen of the froggers said...

Good luck, they are great challenges! I will be interested to see how you get on with the teeny circular.

claudine said...

Oh good on you for trying out new techniques. I'm curious about the teeny tiny circular too. Personally I love magic loop! And STR is just delicious, an appropriate incentive :)

Snoozen said...

Wow, it sounds great to me from someone who can't even read a pattern! Would love to join in if you think I am upto a little RoseRed tutoring. Maybe my challenge could be to make a pair of socks for Hs fast approcahing 40th. Need a bit of help as to what I need to purchase to start.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I need to try those same things you mentioned. You will not be disappointed with More SKS, if you reward yourself with that!

MadMad said...

I did not know about the 30 mm circs. Where on Earth have I been? That sounds awesome!

MadMad said...

Uh.... cm.

Em said...

That's quite the daring list you've got there. I'm sure with six months to work on socks, it won't feel too much like a deadline, at least until the last six days or so.

I'm not part of the Southern Summer of Socks, but I am joining Julie's strikke-along with those Conwy socks, I think that socks with a chart and directions and gussets and five needles will be enough to have me inventing new, fun, multi-lingual swearwords before long. And sending you e-mails begging for help, I'm sure.

Michele said...

good challenges for rounding out your skills. i love the toe up method - haven't tried the others.

i'm with you on the not liking deadlines.