Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Day in My Life: Monday 14 July 2008

Bonjour and a happy Bastille Day for yesterday! I haven't had much time to blog or read blogs since my last post, as I've been working interstate (in Melbourne) since last Wednesday (back home tonight - woohoo!) So my Day in My Life for this month will be a bit different to normal, which is kinda nice actually. So here's how I spent my yesterday, in a (relatively large) nutshell:

7.15am - woke up to my phone alarm (how I hate the sound of it!). Fumbled around trying, in my sleep haze, to work out how to turn it off. Turned on the tv using whizzbang touchscreen thingy in the hotel, to catch the 7.15am Tour de France update on SBS - am really enjoying being involved in the TdF KAL. Then flipped over to channel 9 to catch the 7.30 news update - I love the luxury of waking up in a hotel bed and watching a bit of morning tv to start the day.

7.45am - got up, showered, dressed and walked one block to work (another thing that's good about working interstate - almost no travel time to work!). Bought breakfast on the way - vege turkish toast and a capuccino.

9.05am - caught up with colleague over the events of the weekend - I stayed with a friend who has recently become an Australian citizen and she had an "Australiana" party on Saturday night - some excellent costumes including Sir Les Patterson and Dame Edna Everage (yes, in the same room at the same time!!).

9.30am - preparation for a couple of team sessions I'm co-presenting today - had to prepare slideshow and think about what I was going to say ... always a good idea to work that out before standing up in front of a bunch of people!

11am - noon - completed first session - went ok but could have been better. First session for my co-presenter so it was a bit clunky, but overall fine - and it finished half an hour early - which means more time for ...

12.30 - 1.30pm - shopping! Checked out a few Melbourne shoe stores (no, I didn't buy anything ... yet!) and then had to go to Clegs. Mmmm, yarn sale! 10% off everything. In my quest to be (relatively) good, I only purchased some plain Patonyle sock yarn (pale grey, black and cream) - thought it could be good for fair isle socks since Husby now wants a pair. Was surprised at good range of yarn Clegs had though - Rowan! wow! Melbourne has great yarn stores...

1.30pm - grabbed a sandwich on my way back to the office and did the sudoku from the newspaper while I ate at my desk (it's probably entirely nerdy, but I do like to do the sudoku every day - hopefully that research that says keeping your brain active guards against dementia/alzheimers later in life is correct ...)

2pm - preparation for second session of the day - this one might be more of a challenge and so I try to think more about what I'm going to say, and plan phrases etc out in my head.

3-4.30pm - planning didn't help much ... in fact, I think it made me a bit nervous for this session - but I made it through ok, and the session went really quite well, which was a relief, as this was a team we were somewhat worried about.

4.30-6.30pm - downloaded a bit after the session, planned for the final session which will be tomorrow (Tuesday), proofread a publication, read emails and caught up with some work.

6.30pm - dinner with one of our suppliers, who is based in Melbourne - went to one of those fab little Melbourne bars/restaurants tucked away behind a door - you have no idea how big it is until you go in - Melbourne does these so well, Sydney not so much. Or mabye I just don't know where to look. Very nice to be taken out as a client, that doesn't happen to me much. Or at all, really. Mmmmm sticky pork and then a honey creme pot (creme brulee inspired) for dessert - I was absolutely stuffed!

9.30pm - back to hotel, in my jarmies, cup of tea, knitting, watching tv - waiting for the start of today's stage of the Tour de France. Finished tier 8 and ball #2 of my Lady Eleanor and was quite pleased with myself.

11pm - got into bed and watched a little more of the Tour - so exciting!! I just get so sucked in to it, it's hard to turn the tv off...but I do, eventually, and sleep very well indeed. Can't wait to be in my own bed though tomorrow night!

(SHOESday will return later today!!)


Michelle said...

Well Bob Hawke swears by it and he seemed pretty with it last night, so it must be true about the sudoku!

I've been sucked into TdF too. Especially Gabriel Gate's segment! Bon jouuuur!

Meg said...

Oh how I envy your Tour watching from a hotel bed! I reckon it's the next best thing to seeing it in person!

Bells said...

Oh nice! I loved being in my hotel room with a tv and the tour on every night, too. Was a great way to keep up in a way I just won't at home.

Jealous of your Melbourne dining experiences!

MadMad said...

Fun day! But btw - your knitting covers you for later dementia, didn't you know? So you can just do the sudokus for fun.

Jan said...

Enjoyed hearing about your day!

Nora said...

Did you go to Marta's [Yarns]?

Anonymous said...

I love hearing about your days like this - it feels like such a privilege getting to know a bit about someone on the other side of the world!

Queen of the froggers said...

I ike reading about your day. I loved the food when we lived in Melbourne. We had this fantastic Japanese place nearby, and a Lebanese with a ballydancer, husband liked that one!!

A happy heart at home said...

Hi! I enjoyed reading about your day. Thanks for sharing it. I've posted my day, too.