Monday, April 30, 2007

Experiment v.2

Thanks everyone for your advice and comments on the felted box - I had another bash at this weekend, including a bit of hand-felting first (boy, is that hard on your back and arms!) and I think this time it is almost perfect.
It actually shrank this time too, you can see the difference when you look back at last week's photos - this is the same tupperware container I used last week, but I had to stuff the box as well.
Since I didn't do a proper details post last week, here goes:
Pattern: Felted Box from Mason-Dixon Knitting (largest size). Pattern calls for bulky yarn, I wanted to use this 8ply, so modified the pattern to cast on more stitches etc. I love the simple but clever construction - particularly the fold lines - how neat! The box ended up being 20cmx15cmx8cm - about the size of a boxed set of Buffy DVDs!
Yarn: "vintage" yarn (ie from the 1980s!) - Thorobred Scheepjeswool Double Knit 8ply, 4 x 50g balls, shade 1028 "sunset yellow" - recently rediscovered hiding out in my stash!
Sticks: Yarn is held doubled and I wanted it to be quite stiff when felted so used 5mm Addi turbos - a bit hard on the shoulders!
Time: 16 April 2007 - 21 April 2007 (including first felting)
What I learnt: Well, my first felting! The hand-felting then washing in the machine seemed to do the trick the second time around.

Here it is with gifts for a friend who is having her second baby soon - a Mason-Dixon bib o'love, a beanie (which I'll blog about soon) and a little Lynley Dodd book for her first child, so he feels a bit special too!


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BrownPants said...

Oh I love the colour! It looks like it's felted well :)

Bells said...

oh it worked out very well! I'm inspired to give it a go, too. I think the yellow is perfect.

I like the idea of using buffy DVDs as a test for what it can hold. he he

Jejune said...

Wow, it's turned out really well - I actually love that colour too :)

I love the Hairy McClary books - favourites of my kids when they were little. Very good idea to give something to the new 'big brother' too, they usually get a big shock when a sibling arrives!

Amy said...

Those ARE very clever, aren't they? I actually sort of want to make a tupperware cozy just because the first picture inspires me. I'm weird, I know.

kgirl said...

That looks a lot sturdier - nice idea for the baby gift!
Do you think you'll keep felting?

littlejennywren said...

That's marvellous. What a good idea.

Nora said...

Aaah, that's better. We can't see the sts this time. Perfect.

jacqui said...

That looks great. I have done some felting, but not the knitted kind. Fun either way! Thanks for your comment about NY. I'm going for 2 1/2 weeks and have been taking notes from your entries! Any suggestions would be really welcome.