Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Lest we forget

Today I remember all those who went to war, who fought for what they, or their country, believed was right and who, in many cases, died, so that we could live as we do today. I remember those left at home, mainly women and children, who had to hold it all together while their husband, partner, dad, brother or son was away, with the constant fear of them never returning. And I think of those currently at war, and wonder if their countries (including ours) have learnt the same lessons as I did when studying the history of previous wars at school.

We commemorate Anzac Day so that we don't forget - for me, it's not about glorification of war, not by a long shot. It's about remembering where we've been (and honouring those who sacrificed so much) so that we don't go there again.


Bells said...

very simply and beautifully put. I needed something simple like that after the dross of morning television and it's attempt to capture the spirit. Blech.

Nora said...

Beautiful post Jane.

Jo said...

Well said, Jane. My thoughts exactly.